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Cool track with just a twist/zest of jazz From Tom and Chris. Trading lick with Chris on and off. An old one from the vault.


nice soft track for your silky sax :)+1
July 23 2019 00:32:56
Wade Cheers OliVBee! Will miss seeing you this summer. Maybe you'll want to come to NZ in winter (our summer?) +1
uhm very sexy
for me it would be perfect in scenes with smoky clubs, rigged poker challenges, money and beautiful women :D

For this reason I clicked the 'Music Movie' button :o
July 23 2019 00:34:18
Wade Love your imagination. So glad it brings pictures to your the way I didn't rig the gambling machines! +1
July 23 2019 05:57:45
magirtiko :D +1
Perfect for my first listening, headphones screwed, guitar on the knees, ready for playing :)
Yummy track Wade !!
July 23 2019 00:35:17
Wade Always a pleasure following you and playing off your lines. All thanks to you! +0
Just perfect Wade! Really a beautiful track. :)+1
July 23 2019 00:35:34
Wade Cheers Franky. Glad you like. +1
Sexy, sultry sax that compliments this cool groove perfectly. Great tone and feeling, and good mixing too, so it sits perfectly in the mix.+1
July 23 2019 00:36:04
Wade So kind of you Dan. Glad you like! +0
fits perfectly to the brushes and cool guitar+1
July 23 2019 00:37:28
CI Section
Wade Much owed to Tom and Chris for setting this up so nicely. I'm just following along. +1
July 28 2019 22:43:44
CI Section
CI Section Too modest - it`s congenial ;) +1
Agree with OliV ... a nice backing track for your smooth stylizations .. nice playin & a cool jazzy jam!! :D:D+1
July 23 2019 00:40:40
Wade I've always got to laugh whenever I get a compliment as a jazzer. Most sax players would cringe as I don't play any of the sax jazz conventions. They class/rate players according to some "jazz legend" that they sound like. Check out Alex's fine playing and you'll hear him sound like Kenny G on one track, then Becker, then Coltrane, etc. +0
So nice and smooth :)+1
July 23 2019 00:42:00
Wade Cheers Dropster. Glad you like. +0
The ductility and elegance of your sound that never overlaps and that always seeks dialogue and that emerges sinuously between the lines once again demonstrates your great musical skill!+1
July 23 2019 00:44:12
Wade Wish I could play as beautifully as you write. Your compliments are so well written. Maybe I'll live up to one of them some day. My sincere thanks for making me feel good. Your encouragement means so much to many. +1
July 24 2019 13:38:19
Fishinmissio And yours :) +1
Smooth and silky :Y+1
July 23 2019 00:44:49
Wade Hey Frankie. So glad you had a listen and like. Thanks. +1

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