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Hey Franky I know what you are feeling over there in Germany...we are also melting here in North-Eastern part of the USA:o But this was some cool "Jazz-Rock-Fusion" to try and cool off with:W It is so humid here I can barley get my fingers to move over the fret board without sticking:(!!! Anyway, no idea what I am doing in this "genre of music" but hey I tired..LOL:D Enjoy...


:D:D Hey Ron,amigo,Happy to hear from you :W:W Amazing jam+2
July 23 2019 03:09:29
mortheol Gracis Xavi...I am feeling better...Estoy casi 90% mejor con mi brazo:W:D +2
July 23 2019 03:43:59
ivax :) +1
July 23 2019 16:52:21
ivax that arm of yours, keep giving you problems, sometimes cost a lot to heal +1
you'd never make it here then!-------Humidity.......LOL.............Gulf will mug you and keep on muggin' you and after that it will keep on muggin' you all the while the sun is burning ya too a crisp!:D

Groovy Daddy-o
July 23 2019 19:41:18
mortheol Well Jim you may be right about that;)
But we still get some fierce humidity up here living right next to this big old great lake:o
However on the flip side I challenge you to come live up here in is sooooooo cold up here you have to open your fridge to heat your house:o
July 23 2019 19:44:32
Leftdaloops1019 been there, done that...kindergarten - 2nd grade ---Grand Rapids --7 feet snow drifts +1
July 23 2019 19:58:50
Leftdaloops1019 of course I wasn't an old fart back then either -- we loved it --- I wouldn't now --- almost rolled onto the floor heater on several occasions +1
July 23 2019 20:03:12
mortheol 2nd grade...when was that 1903..?:P
Bahhh 7 feet ain't nothing, we start worrying when they get up over the roof of the house:W
July 23 2019 20:06:25
Leftdaloops1019 Maybe I'll start calling you Nad or Shiffy with your bending of the truffs. Speaking of corruption I was in 1st grade when JFK was murdered by the Cabal!!!! +1
July 23 2019 20:06:53
Leftdaloops1019 or by the 1000 points of light! +1
July 23 2019 20:08:15
mortheol I cannot tell a lie:|;) +1
July 23 2019 19:36:44
mortheol Thanks Dave, slowly working my way back and playing more:W
Not too happy with my mix...sounds overblown:(
July 24 2019 21:08:22
davidaustin Sounds Jazzy to me:D:D +0
Yes you can not avoid the heat and humidity, you just have to go through. This is how you play the bass. The guitar gives me the desire for a shower. Great Ron :)+2
July 23 2019 19:35:46
mortheol Thanks Rene, I hope the shower cooled you down:W +1
Awesomeness Ron!! Fantastic bass playing, great free form, super sound. Your guitar gives it an extra kick:W great and thanx very much for sweat with me :D ;) :P Great title, love it 😍+2
July 23 2019 19:34:48
mortheol Thanks Frank:D
I am happy you like my crazy add on this free form jazz:W
I am not happy with my mixing, I have been out of practice. It sounds like too much gain.:(
Same here in Manchester. Great bass and guitar add!!:D:W+2
July 23 2019 19:17:32
mortheol Thanks Dee...I think the whole planet is a melt down:o +1
LOVE this Ron-really swinging' that bass bro':W:W:W<3
July 23 2019 19:16:52
mortheol Thanks Keith, my arm is finally getting better so I am trying to play again:W
I hope to be back here more:D
July 23 2019 19:18:41
kmoon235 From the sounds of it your arm is coming along nicely-glad to hear you are getting better buddy-missed 'ya<3
Hey Ron!!! Me alegra escucharte nuevamente! :D<3:D+1
July 24 2019 21:06:30
mortheol Hugo gracias:D Poco a Poco vuelvo:W +1

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