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A wonderful template from Blind-Dog with Keeper on bass. Tenor sax in gospel singing mode in the first half. Second half wide open with a little sax tag at the end.


It doesn't seem to me like gospell. More of an old fashion strip-tease. :D:D
Very nice to hear.
July 26 2019 08:03:29
Wade OK, we've all got different ears. I guess that sax gets mixed up with sex? +2
July 26 2019 13:23:20
Fishinmissio Uh oh..there goes the mental picture:| +3
Magic in every note! The striking example of how much the expressiveness counts and not the number of notes played!+2
July 27 2019 01:14:27
Wade Have a listen to what marmotte did with this. Absolutely magic. So glad you can relate to the feel...that's what it's about. +1
Very soothing to the mind and soul... well played !!+1
July 26 2019 08:01:46
Wade Cheers Bruce. Really appreciate your having a listen and comment. Funny the way others hear it so differently than us. +0
Very cool blues.+1
July 26 2019 08:05:59
Wade I know that you and Blind-Dog called this blues...and blues is 90% the basis for Gospel...I just hear it as a Gospel singer doing this and tried to use the sax as a substitute for the voice. I really appreciate your bass work on this. +0
July 26 2019 08:06:27
Lenny Cowler
Wade Thanks so much Lenny. Much appreciated. +1
Nice sweet job :)+1
July 26 2019 08:07:16
Wade Lots of room left in this for you to jump in. Thanks for the listen and comment. +0
Super sax add Wade!<3<3+1
July 27 2019 01:07:29
Wade Thanks so much deezee! +1
Nice and cushy pleasing like a sweet dream in the morning that will last for a whole day. Somehow it seems to be pretty relaxing up there in Cairns :)+1
July 27 2019 01:10:40
Wade Relaxing? Ha! Too much to do. Music like this relaxes. Got a performance tonight with a Django style band for around 200 "swing" dancers. Would be OK, but I've got the flu and can't get out of it. I hope to be well by the time I get back to NZ as there's a lot of work waiting for me there. +1
July 28 2019 13:13:29
Dropster Pretty busy man, ay! I hope you had a good performance yesterday night despite your flu. Take care of you, as there won‘t be any other Kuala like you in that Jungle. Or let‘s say, there arn‘t any Kualas at all but you. +1
July 29 2019 01:37:33
Wade Thanks Dropster! Yea, the gig went OK, but I had to continually turn around and cough. Feeling awful now as the exertion and late night made it all worse. I just hope to get well soon. +1
July 29 2019 04:34:05
Dropster Take care of you ... +1
Sounds very good Wade. That’s a great tune. Blues or Gospel? No idea, but I like it very much :)+1
July 27 2019 01:12:01
Wade So glad it works for you. Very enjoyable playing this style as I seldom do. Thanks Franky. +1
So peaceful, with some mystery inside, you slide on it naturally :)+1
July 27 2019 01:12:55
Wade Oh Miss Charlotte! I love what you did with this. You are the best! +0
July 27 2019 10:40:59
marmotte Oh I miss Wade too ;)
Sad there is no meeting this year :(
July 29 2019 01:38:36
Wade "We'll meet again...don't know where, don't know when". Love to you my sweet Charlotte. +1
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