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Hello everybody, finally some time again! I found this track today and then it happened:) Thanks a lot "Dafunkydrummer", FrankieJ" and Ernie440". Tenor saxophone and flute


I know what you mean by "and then happened". So many Great songs I LOVE but do not feel "it" needs me and I can not do it justice. Peter, your sag here is so smooth and melodic and I so much enjoyed your 16th noe very cool sax run at the end of your solo!! Then your flute creates contrast with energetic "gentle" emotional urgency slowing one hot erase after another and again a FABulous flute ending!!! Excellent, Peter!!!+4
July 26 2019 19:26:16
Pewi Hi Dan, I'm very happy about your motivating words. When I listen to the track now I'm not sure, but I think the intonation of the sax is not right sometimes, the note is a bit too low...well whatever:) +0
July 26 2019 20:10:38
Itocpogo I am never happy when I play.. I always see areas needing improvement. +1
July 26 2019 16:28:08
Pewi thanks a lot! +0
Bravo!!! Great work Peter! I agree with Dan! Awesome track! :W👍+1
July 26 2019 19:26:32
Pewi Thank you so much!!!:) +0
Wow ... fantastic sax Peter :O Stupendous flute solo!! So glad you were inspired by this track (and chose to be a Floydette haha) .. it sounds great my friend!! :W:W Thank You!+1
July 26 2019 19:27:16
Pewi )Thank you very much, I had a lot of fun (like every time:):) +1
Awesome sax add peter:)+1
July 26 2019 19:27:39
Pewi Thank you so much for that:) +1
Wunderbar wie den Floyd style drauf hast Peter, sounds fantastic !! Most excellent sound in my early evening, and the flute is a special gift to us :) <3+1
July 26 2019 19:28:23
Pewi Freut mich sehr, dass es Dir gefällt, vielen Dank für die tolle Rückmeldung! +1
Sounds awesome Pete...Love this+1
July 26 2019 19:29:09
Pewi Thanks a lot:):)I'm glad you like it. +0
Super Pewi deine Kombination zu diesem Track ;)fantastisch dieser Sound <3+1
July 26 2019 20:05:45
Pewi Vielen Dank Charli, ich freue mich über Deine Worte🤝😎 +0
Wow Peter! - hier hast du einen super Ton<3 mit beiden Instrumenten. Ein Vergnügen das zu hören!+1
July 26 2019 19:31:16
Pewi Herzlichen Dank für die Rückmeldung. Ich habe das Gefühl, dass beim Sax manchmal die Intonation nicht ganz korrekt ist:|
Wünsche Dir ein schönes WE;);)
July 27 2019 02:35:23
abuitremorem Ich glaube, ich weiss was Du meinst, aber es macht hier in meinen Ohren das Besondere aus. Interessant! +1
wunderschön :)+1
July 26 2019 19:32:18
Pewi Vielen Dank:)Je suis très heureux de votre visite.:) +1

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