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Sorry for the long description. :) Another piece from my EP. "History", the history of mankind is a mostly senseless sequence of violence, murder, slaughter and rape. If you look at the history you will see that 99.99% of all wars have not brought all parties involved except the dead. Sometimes wars lasted 30 years, as in Germany. And there was nothing in the peace treaty that could not have been achieved without the war. So WHY ? Everyone knows the answer...


With you all the way my friend:D super music:D:D+2
July 30 2019 10:52:51
frankyguitar Thank you very much David ! :) +1
Brilliant! Franky bravo:W:W+1
July 29 2019 20:02:01
frankyguitar Thanx so much Dorothy. I really appreciate your listen and comment.All these EP titles are very important to me personally, because they reflect my thoughts. +1
this would make such a cool soundtrack franky :) it tells such a story+1
July 30 2019 10:53:52
frankyguitar Thank you very much Shi. I tried to tell it. :) +1
I hear ya Franky mankind seems hell bent on its own destruction :@ great track+1
July 30 2019 10:55:27
frankyguitar Yeah Gary, that’s the whole story. It’s nothing great in there:@
Thank you very much for your comment:)
:W fantastic Job Franky,mi amigo :)+1
July 30 2019 10:56:28
frankyguitar Thank you very much Xavi, I’m very happy you like it mi amigo:) +1
Fantastic atmosphere and a great story telling of mans inhumanity to man.....so long as there are those who strive for a more fair harmonious and logical world, like you franky...then there is hope<3+1
July 30 2019 11:02:45
frankyguitar You are so kind Peter, thank you very much. Sometimes I have hope, but mostly not. Maybe I’m a prisoner of my own thoughts? +1
I crown thee the "King of Creativity" Franky-use your power wisely buddy:). Your music tells a story-so very good my friend.:W<3<3:W
July 30 2019 11:05:51
frankyguitar :) thank you very much Keith, although it’s too much my friend. However, I’m very thankful for your words and happy your like my music here. :) <3 :W +1
great friend, I love it, a genius this job.
There is a Chilean singer-songwriter who died at the hands of the violence of a state that was taken by military forces in the 70s in Chile.
this singer is called victor jara and he sang a song called, the right to live in peace, they are totally different music but you made me remember this.
the music is magical as it transports you and you are a specialist, great franky work:W:W
July 30 2019 11:23:09
frankyguitar Julio, I know Victor Jara and the story about him and the military dictatorship. A cruel time with thousands of thousands dead. I think the most people are not be able to learn. In the whole world people people listen to would-be dictators and yell hooray. The „democracy“ has unfortunately no answers to the big questions of this time. With all the imperfections and errors inherent in this system and exploited unscrupulously by many, it still seems to be the best at the moment. But politicians don't have the guts and interest to change anything better for ALL people.
Thank you very much for telling me your thoughts and I’m very happy you like that track my friend. :)
Mir gefällt Deine Musik sehr Franky. Eine tolle Komposition! Die Antwort auf Deine Frage liegt vermutlich, und wie die Geschichte möglicherweise zeigt, in den menschlichen Genen. Es gibt auch Positives, denn es ist uns möglich, den Gesichtspunkt zu wechseln und auch auf das Gute zu fokussieren.:W:W:)+1
July 30 2019 13:08:12
frankyguitar Vielen lieben Dank René. Da hast Du mit Sicherheit recht. Vieles liegt darin begründet. Und auch Deine zweite Aussage ist richtig. Nur leider tun es immer mehr Menschen nicht. Eine vernünftige Diskussion in der und über die Gesellschaft findet nicht mehr statt. Stattdessen werden politische Entscheidungen als alternativlos hingestellt. Dieses Totschlagargument, welches eigentlich nur beweist das man keine Argumente hat. Wir scheinen auf eine Welt hinzusteuern in kleine und große Despoten das sagen haben. Aber das wird nur die Zukunft zeigen. +1
July 30 2019 15:45:28
abuitremorem Absolut gesehen hast Du recht. Ich hoffe allerdings, dass wir in unseren Kanton der rücksichtslosen Schwarz-Weiss-Partei eine Lehre erteilen :) +1
There are no words, if not a magic moment and, in the first part, of anguish at the same time .... exciting ... Great Franky ... Thanks.:+1
July 30 2019 14:27:57
frankyguitar Thank you very much JeanPaul! I only try my own thoughts to put in music. It’s great for me you like it:) +0

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