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Thanx so much for the opportunity to play with you all in this beautiful track. A little improvised guitar in the free space that Wade kindly left :) I hope I didn't mess it up. :)


A lovely addition franky, you certainly didnt mess it up its good to hear you on this beauty fits right in my friend and as long as you had fun playing then I do to listening to you<3:W+2
August 01 2019 21:20:50
frankyguitar Hey Peter, do you don't know it, but I muted your drums while export the track. Uhhhh, please forgive me. I do upload a remix with your drums now. :) :W S:Orry +1
August 01 2019 21:36:39
PJE no problem franky i am so glad we will be jamming my friend:W:W:D +1
August 01 2019 21:42:00
frankyguitar Yeah, I searched a track whis was from Oli mixed and found only one without your drums. So I downloaded your hd and than I forgot to activate your drums during the export.And I have extra filed the mix properly. Ohh man... No words... +1
August 02 2019 00:29:21
PJE Thanks so much franky means such a lot to me that you wanted to jam with my drums on you made my wonderful friend :D +1
August 02 2019 09:37:02
frankyguitar :) :) :) +1
nice Franky :) glad you had fun on this sweet jam !+2
August 01 2019 21:26:09
frankyguitar Thanx very much Oli! :) Very nice track has you started:) +1
No way did you mess up Franky sounds wonderful. I love this<3<3+2
August 01 2019 21:26:57
frankyguitar Thanx very much Dorothy, it's just a sweet track :) :<3 +0
sweet track you chose franky and sounds cool to me :)+2
August 01 2019 21:29:29
frankyguitar Thank you very much Shi. It's a simple play, just what came in my mind. Great track started Oli :) +1
Wow - in meinen Ohren ist das Superklasse! Grosses Kompliment Franky!!!<3+1
August 01 2019 21:27:53
frankyguitar Dankeschön René, eine willkommene Abwechslung :) +0
Super add franky:D:D+1
August 01 2019 21:33:58
frankyguitar :D Thanx very much David :) <3 +0
super add super track :D+1
August 02 2019 09:23:02
frankyguitar :D thank you very Gary:) +1
Messed up? Very sweet melodic line that fits well.+1
August 02 2019 09:29:25
frankyguitar Thank you very much Wade! I have not much knowledge about music theory, sad. I do the most by ear and unfortunately I’m lazy in practicing. Both are my limitations. But rarely I use a bit theory, have to do it more, I guess. :) +1
August 02 2019 10:13:23
Wade Theory is for those who can't hear a line to play and instead do cut and paste. Promulgated by teaching institutions who sell the idea of "anybody can play music". It's the musical equivalent of paint by the numbers. Good to learn for academic purposes, useless for creative playing. +1
August 02 2019 11:05:04
Das macht Spass hier zu zuhören! Astreiner Klang:):)+1
August 02 2019 17:48:57
frankyguitar Vielen Dank Peter, das freut mich wirklich sehr. :) +1
Beautiful playing, Franky!!!! Glad you made this add because adds the cool melodic mood that Wad created!!!!+1
August 02 2019 17:51:15
frankyguitar Thank you so much Dan. I only tried to follow my feeling and that great musicians before me. :) :) +0
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