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This past week I've been in a small town on a small island. It's called Valle Gran Rey La Gomera, it's a very small place, only 4.000 habitants. Everything seems to have stopped. The people are very kind and simple. I made this track as a reminder of what I felt being there these days. I hope you like it.


I certainly prefer your composition to the soundtrack of the video. Very lovely and creative.+1
August 07 2019 12:39:45
Andri hahahahaha, yes I think so too. Did you see the most beautiful island? I think one day I'll go and live there and dedicate myself to playing the guitar and contemplating the world and life from very outside. :) +1
August 07 2019 22:21:04
Wade I also live on an island, but quite a bit bigger. I've also lived on smaller islands. The small islands kind of close in on you after a while. Very little land for growing food and probably not a lot of fresh water there. Even though the population is small it's probably not "self sustaining". Just another reality that hopefully doesn't become relevant. The world is a changeable place. Being in a place that can self sustain could become important. +0
Lovely track Andri:)+0
August 03 2019 14:44:40
Andri Thank you Mark. Glad you like it! :) +1
Nice soundscape here, Andri! :) :Y+1
August 03 2019 14:08:21
Andri Thank you Wolfang.
Do you know La Gomera? There are many German compatriots living there.
August 03 2019 17:14:44
wjl No I have never been there Andri - but if it's half as nice as your song it must be wonderful :) +1
If you want, play the video without music and the track I uploaded at the same time. Maybe you'll understand me better :)+0
Grande!! debes viajar mas!! gran jam :)+1
August 03 2019 11:50:31
Andri Gracias Mario... es un sitio para retirarse a ver la vida +1
Amazing place
August 03 2019 11:49:50
GlezBass Que sitio mas chulo! :o +1
August 03 2019 11:51:28
Andri Es alucinante. No hace falta irse tan lejos para disfrutar. Está a 50 minutos en barco de Tenerife, vamos que te llevas la guitarra en el coche y te pierdes del mundo +1

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