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Great piece of AC/DC and Led Zep crossover. Funnily enough, I see RP has gone down the Bonham route too with his excellent add just now - great minds! Anyway, went full-on trademark Bonham at this, giving my right foot a serious workout in those gaps whilst I was at it - it could do with the practice! Other than that, tried to keep it more Zep than AC/DC. Enjoy.
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John Bonham, Led Zepplin


Excellent play Martin...Defiantly a bit of Moby Dick going on with the heavy hats! I put more of an 80's Whitesnake/Rainbow effect etc...nice job. I did get a bit of feedback from my left side crash, mitigated a bit in the mix. Any advice?+1
August 08 2019 16:50:04
mpointon Without knowing your mic setup it's hard to guess. It sounds to me like you've used just room mics? The main thing I'd suggest is to ensure your overhead/room mics are an equal distance from the snare/kick which should reduce phasing issues which may be the cause of the problems you're having. +2
August 08 2019 17:03:35
TeeGee Yes, I love both versions, it's always amazing how the drum track influences the feel of a track. +0
tight.... just as it should be.+1
Sorry - Kimbo's just informed me that the HD track is incomplete. I'll upload a new render this evening. Sorry about that.+1
:O OMG :O speechless, first Ray then Mr. P all on the same day ahhhhhh brain overload :D Man, what can I say I love this one too, the right foot thing is soooo Bonzo. amazing stuff! Can't wait for the bass now, this will be a serious jamming track :W+0
Sounds more than awesome!!:):) :W+0
oh nice rocking little number :)+0
Thunder in that bass drum :W+0
Classic rock punched to another level. Great drumming.+0
sweet drum add:W+0

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