The Prophecy

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New Zealand
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A hauntingly beautiful track from StJray and Marmotte. Sopranino in backing mode with Charlotte's delicate voice, and bouncing off Ray's fine playing in the 2nd half


Ohoooo Wade, I love the way you are distcreetely around, caring for those in the house and then gently tiptoeing with subtle finesse and goodwill, it's good to feel your presence in the secret story :)+4
August 13 2019 11:51:26
Wade So glad you're OK with my creeping around the house and not being scared by the that little critter that's almost "underfoot". +0
August 14 2019 22:27:43
marmotte Little critter you are but scared I am not :) +1
I agree with all previous comments.🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟+3
August 13 2019 11:52:32
Wade Thanks Tu. So good of you to check it out. +0
unbelievable emphatic & perfect integration:)+3
August 13 2019 11:54:25
CI Section
Wade Cheers CI. Wish I had played it that way. Recording sax is really difficult as all the dynamics have to be "adjusted" after the fact. Took well over an hour to "fix". +1
August 13 2019 19:28:05
CI Section
CI Section It was worth it! +1
In accompaniment mode with the delicate voice of Charlotte or bouncing in 2nd half ... for me everything is perfectly integrated with taste. Very nice to listen from beginning to end, many times ... <3
Thank you Wade for joining us! :W
August 13 2019 11:48:22
Wade Seems like I'm joining in with more of your tracks. They seem to resonate with me...not that I'm adding anything you're looking for, but I'm certainly enjoying playing with your fine tracks. +1
Very subtle add that goes perfectly with marmotte's vocal work, whispering and enigmatic, lovely Wade+2
August 13 2019 11:49:51
Wade Sometimes if one has something interesting to say and it's whispered the listener will listen harder... well, that's the theory Ha! Thanks Jussef. +1
August 14 2019 22:24:18
marmotte Little critter you are but scared of you I +2
Discreet and respectful presence, very approriate entrances and exits and very good taste <W :o

Everything is very precise and accurate: perfect :)
August 13 2019 11:52:09
Wade Thanks magirtiko! If I can't be good I can at least be subtle...Ha! +1
August 13 2019 15:45:58
magirtiko Something I should learn :D +1
Love this!+2
September 04 2019 22:53:25
Wade Greatest compliment is that you joined in with such a fine add. +2
September 05 2019 18:34:36
haddock Thank you Wade, it's a pleasure playing with you and your sopranino! +2
This is an Unbelievable mood, we have quite the talents on the loops, you are one of the special ones Wade...:):):)+1
August 13 2019 11:56:04
Wade Thanks Frenzie. You've certainly got a special area in which you shine brightly. It's always my pleasure to see if I can fit into your blues world. +1
I believe that this subtle melancholic veil is the most fretile ground to trigger your great appropriate and never intrusive phrasing! Great quality!+1
August 13 2019 22:38:29
Wade I'm not sure when being unobtrusive is doing the opposite. The quieter one is (like in whispering) the harder people listen. So glad you like it. Thanks Stef. +1
God almighty this is superb, but then with this line up....thats a gaurantee. Sorry to have to say it but Wade.... you absolutely Ooze that sleazy sax class that totally makes it my friend!!!!<3+1
August 13 2019 22:33:10
Wade Ha! At my age I've got to be careful about the sleazy side...too easy to translate as "dirty old man"! Anyway, glad you like! +1

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