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I have been testing my new IRig Keys 25 toy while listening in the background as my son put the dishes on the table .... I have (the sound was recorded by the laptop's mic ... and I decided to leave it ...) KEYS: IKRig Keys I/O 25 SAMPLE SOUNDS: Sample Tank 4 con EP chorus on keys and fretless J solo bass sounds DAW : Audacity mixer VST Audacity: Compressor, TAL Chorus on bass and TL valve driver emulated PS the bpm is near ...


Bien servida la mesa, que hermoso sonido, buen uso de los efectos en el fretless, que sonido tan rico, es la primera vez que te escucho este sonido y es muy bueno+1
August 17 2019 11:03:13
GlezBass es un sonido emulado que me gusto de SampleTank4. Me hice de un teclado IkRig multimedia para tocar estas cosas en el sofa jajaja. Los platos estaban en el salon y se colaron por el mic del laptop jajaja. :). Luego edite un poco el sonido del bajo como describo en comentarios para hacerlo mas "real" . Pero siempre hay que saber meter esas notas con alma de bajista a pesar de ser un teclado de 25 keys. :) +0
Really wonderful Mario,I love your bass sound ,I think it is different in this one.<3+1
August 17 2019 11:00:18
GlezBass emulated bass sound, no real fretless bass, but with the same soul play! :) +1
Good template with lots of open spaces for others.+1
August 16 2019 01:54:37
GlezBass thanks Wade!, open to all...:) +1
Very nice mix of chords and soloing....B)+1
August 16 2019 01:55:09
GlezBass thanks so much Titus! +0
Cool test ... The table is set for an inspiring collaboration!<3+2
August 15 2019 19:45:19
GlezBass Ha ha ha hunger is very inspiring ... thanks for your feedback :) +0

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