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acoustic Guitar, acoustic Guitar & acoustic Guitar:
ARNOSOLO613 jams
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Bass & Percussion:
ARNOSOLO613 jams
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New Zealand
Wade475 jams
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I just love the spirit and joy in this wonderful track from ARNOSOLO. Sopranino added to help lift your hearts and get your spirit dancing. Camdeboo is a beautiful National Park in South Africa.


Fantastic play !!+1
August 18 2019 10:04:07
Wade Cheers WHITEPONGO! Rather conventional by your standards, but a lot of fun. +1
Wow! I'm just speechless. So much easiness, so much colours, so much joy, sun and dancing ... :)+1
August 18 2019 10:03:30
Wade So glad you like. Perfect music to celebrate summer. Please save a little summer for me. Will be there in less than 1 week! +1
August 18 2019 15:00:34
Dropster Yes, I like it so much :) No worries about summer saving, Wade. Your order is our order! B)

Our SSPE (Summer Saving Program Europe) Order-No. NZS 0822-09 (NZ-Saxophonist from Aug 22nd to Sep) is activated (noon UTC 0818). All anticyclones are working on high pressure systems & will remain stable until at least mid of Sep. Target:

N (Norway) / M (Majorca) / UK (UK)


N: 0822-09 sunny, cloudy, low wind & no rain till end of Aug, Temp H 20-26°/ L 13-16°. :) - Mid of Sep: Rain & sun alter in a 4 day cycle, temp above 20°.

M: 0822-09 sunny, no cloud, low wind & no rain till mid of Sep, Temp H 29-33° / L 22-24° :) - End of Sep: wind & rain, temp above 26°; water at 23-26°

UK: 0822-09 sunny, cloudy, windy & no rain till end of Aug, Temp H 20-23° / L 14-16° :) - All of Sep stable & occasional as ever. There are no seasons in UK!

RESUME NZS 0822-09 N /M /UK: Sunny, stable & dry till mid of Sep. Thanks to SSPE: Your Personal Summer Saving Program in Europe B).

Don‘t forget your sopranino!
Europe will love it :W :W <3 <3

TRAVEL HINT: An Indian gave me once a present: Any small twig to be hold persistently in the hand, as no one will blame it, solely to wish good weather. No worries, at least it keeps your view to the bright side. (A much wiser man than those of I. Kant et al.) :)
August 18 2019 21:56:15
Wade Will arrive with summer in my heart and a twig in hand. Thanks Dropster! +1
August 18 2019 22:18:26
Dropster Yeah! Weather is fine. The weather map on top is of today. A strong high pressure system is establishing right now all over Europe. Weather usually drops end of September but regains early October known as "gossamer summer", while storms rule the Mediterranean.

I wish you a good time over here. Cheers to NZ.
oh so great add, this gave me a big smile, your sax add brings so much happiness to this great template, Wade this is great my friend you nailed it with your beautiful melody+1
August 17 2019 22:09:18
Wade So kind of you jussef. It's easy when inspired by such a joyous track to just jump in and have fun. +0
Really beautiful Wade.Wonderful atmosphere you created.<3+1
August 16 2019 23:26:13
Wade I'd love to take credit, but that goes to ARNOSOLO who had it all laid out for us to just have fun with. Glad you like! +1
Your formidable sopranino paints images as well as producing fantastic notes! The landscape of those lands seems to flow!+1
August 16 2019 22:31:53
Wade So kind of you Stef. I'd love to play this style more often. Really gets the juices flowing and makes me feel a lot younger. +0
August 16 2019 22:30:50
Wade Hey Mark. Good to hear from you. Yea, hard to stay still hearing this. +1
Wow! awesome entrance buddy,beautiful sax play and such a cool track:Y+1
August 16 2019 22:30:19
Wade Thanks Pete! Yea, I can't imagine playing this any other much joy and life. +1
Wow!!! really good jam!! plenty of rhythms!! :Y+1
August 16 2019 22:29:31
Wade Hard to feel anything but joy in this wonderful track from ARNOSOLO. +1
Right feeling there Wade. Very nice play.+1
August 16 2019 22:28:37
Wade Thanks Rob. Glad you like this one. +1
Thank you for this foray into South Africa.
"Dibango style" with which you enjoyed playing :)
August 16 2019 22:27:59
Wade Not sure that it's really South Africa, but certainly reminds me of a few different African styles and could be more "palm wine" music. +1
August 17 2019 15:13:43
titi Eight years in Africa for me! Do not talk to me about palm wine :|:D +1
August 18 2019 10:01:49
Wade Yea, wicked stuff, and an interesting sub-culture. +1
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