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"The song that was never played in Woodstock" Everybody know, Woodstock is now 50 Years. That's my modest bow to a great idea. Some little sloppily played guitar. :D :W :D But I hope some of you great guys will improve it :D Chords Verse: D | A | Fmaj7 / G Chords Chorus: Dm7 | F# sus4


You old Hippy...;)
Still Rockin':W
August 17 2019 08:49:26
frankyguitar LOL, I had fun with. Thank you very much Ron;) +1
Excellent Frankie. Sounds like good hippie music!!!+1
August 17 2019 08:48:33
frankyguitar Thank you Ron!! Only some guitar fun :) +1
Cool Franky, this has a real nice feel to it man!! :W:D+1
August 17 2019 08:53:39
frankyguitar Thank you very much Ernie!! Was a great mud party :D +0
Were you at Woodstock:|:D Super cool jam franky:D+1
August 17 2019 08:59:08
frankyguitar I were to young for it, especially for drugs and sex LOL 😂
I only could have enjoy the Rock‘n‘Roll. But better as nothing :D :D :D Thanx very much for listening David:)
August 17 2019 15:45:00
davidaustin To young........Yeah:|:| lol:D +0
Tolle Stück Franky, schön Dich auf der akustischen zu hören :)<3+1
August 17 2019 09:00:03
frankyguitar Vielen Dank René, freut mich riesig:) :) :) +0
👏👏 Nice song Franky!+1
August 17 2019 11:25:29
frankyguitar Thank you very much Andri !! I tried to capture my feelings from that time. I was too young to realize that feeling. :) +1
cool track:)+1
August 17 2019 12:10:40
Lenny Cowler
frankyguitar Thank you very much for listening Lenny:) +1
Love it Franky you captured the Woodstock feel perfectly:W:D<3+1
August 17 2019 12:11:56
frankyguitar Thank you very much Dorothy, such a nice comment. :) <3 +0
Sounds great to me Franky-we could use some of that good ol' peace & love nowadays<3<3
August 17 2019 18:46:46
frankyguitar Thanx very much Keith! Could use some low ends :D +1
:D fantastic Franky :W+1
August 17 2019 20:25:36
frankyguitar Thank you very much mi amigo! I’m very happy you like it!! :) :W +0

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