BetweenThe Lines/Sons And Daughters

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This awesome guitar collaboration by Frankie and Rob was hard to resist writing lyrics and adding a vocal. Guitar playing at it's best, showcasing the beautiful tones an acoustic guitar can bring. Wish it were longer.
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Acoustic, Guitar, Unplugged, Ballad


Beautiful song my friend. I really love it. <3+1
August 20 2019 22:32:44
bluvation Glad you liked it Rob, thank you. :) yours and Frankie's guitar playing on this track was inspiring. <3 +1
A beautiful vocal/lyrics to go with these wonderful players Gerry<3<3
This one really showcases that great voice of yours my dear friend<3<3
August 21 2019 00:33:43
bluvation Thanks Keith, I'm always self conscious about not buggering up someone else's track when they do such a great job, I just tried to listen to my own words and stay between the lines:) I may have come close in a couple of places:) I appreciate your nice feedback buddy! <3<3 +1
Beautiful song gerry! Perfect for this lovely track by Frankie and Rob. You did an awesome job my talented friend <3<3+1
August 21 2019 15:22:33
bluvation Thanks so much Dorothy, your opinion means a lot, glad you liked it :W<3:) +0
Beautiful Gerry<3+1
August 21 2019 20:00:57
bluvation Thanks Marc, I appreciate it my friend:W<3 +1
This is beautiful Gerry. A great idea with the ending that works perfectly. You remind me of Ray Price on this one. Love it my friend<3+1
August 22 2019 21:03:50
bluvation Thanks Franky, it's always fun and a pleasure to sing with your guitar as an accompaniment, you have a perfect feel for slow ballads such as this. :W<3 +1
Great as always Gerry! <3;)+1
September 11 2019 23:47:52
bluvation Thanks my friend :W your kind feedback is much appreciated Hugo <3 +1
Very Nice. a total enjoyment+1
September 30 2019 04:18:48
bluvation Thank you for your nice comment :W:) +0
November 12 2019 05:37:25
bluvation Thank you so much :) +0

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