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Here is a bit of fun. I tuned in to this bizarre station called Radio Baton...a baton... a b b b a baton. Thanks to Magic Mike for the original trance parts which i've completely ruined by adding alsorts of beats and things to, but thanks for that brother - I had a lot of laughs with this - I hope you do!
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Radio, Batons, MikeBanez, Crazy Crew


That's awesome Paul! :Y+2
August 26 2019 21:05:13
pconey ha ha, thanks Wolfgang - it really is just a bit of silly fun! more for amusement and laughs :) +1
A lot of fun here brother:o:Y+1
August 26 2019 21:13:41
pconey thanks Mike - get on it! its time we had some fun again!!! its been too long! +1
Good to hear ya again, Paul :)+1
August 26 2019 21:24:23
pconey Thanks Mark, its a pleasure to be here with you and the guys - always a good blast! +2
Amazing Paul!!! 👏👏👏👏👏+1
August 26 2019 21:43:03
pconey Hey thanks Andri, so much fun here - and brilliant from Marky baby! :D +1
:D:D Fantastic Paul+1
August 27 2019 00:05:12
pconey thanks my good mate! :D:D:D lots of fun! :D:D +1
Think I added to the crazy mess... :) too good to be true !+1
August 27 2019 21:23:50
pconey Hey thanks Marmotte...and indeed you added lots of crazynees!! :D +1
Hey Paul this is crazy good. You have such a unique type of creativity and great humor!+1
August 28 2019 18:46:36
pconey Hello Wade, many thanks for your positive comments! Sometimes we all need a laugh! There are some semi-serious snippets:D in there somewhere... +1
what a great idea!! very creativ!:D:o+1
August 28 2019 18:47:58
pconey Thanks very much, it was just some fun, with a little hint of things like The Orb / FSOL etc thrown in.. :D +0
Fantastic, ceativ, crazy!! I love it Paul !! :D :D :D+1
September 07 2019 11:41:09
pconey hee hee, thanks for that Franky me old lad! :D:D bit of fun and dance +1
September 07 2019 12:08:05
A crazy fun loving track/ Really good. Great production Paul!:W:D:D+1
November 04 2019 20:46:18
pconey Thank you very much Dorothy my dear! Some silly fun for the loops! +0

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