Empty Nest, Heavy Heart

United States
acoustic Guitar:
Acousticeg325 jams
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New Zealand
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A beautifully sad track from Acousticeg. Only a few touches to this to give support as much emotionally as musically and let him know that he is not alone.


September 05 2019 12:41:22
Lenny Cowler
Wade Cheers Lenny. +1
The sax is such a big loud instrument but here it is as delicate as a flute...masterfully played and delicatly delivered. <3+1
September 05 2019 12:35:26
Wade Had to be delicate and almost felt, even at this level like I was an intruder. Thanks Tu. +1
Beautiful choice and so fine expression exceptional complimentary accompaniment Wade, great musicality+1
September 05 2019 12:35:47
Wade Thanks so much PJE. +1
Nice and tactfully done there Mr Wade :)+1
September 05 2019 12:36:08
Wade Thanks so much Mark. Very kind of you to give a listen. +0
Lovely, mournful sax - compliments rather than swamps. Great listen.+1
September 05 2019 12:36:40
Wade Cheers Dan. Hopefully not otherwise swamping too many tracks..Ha! +1
Looks like you know what it is to have your daughter far far away ;)+1
September 05 2019 12:38:09
Wade Heartbreak is something we can all relate to. Acousticeg has had more than his share. Hopefully he hears in this how we can share that burden with others. +1
Beautiful Wade<3<3<3<3<3+1
September 09 2019 13:03:08
Wade Thanks so much for giving this a listen. So sad and so lovely a track from Acousticeg. +0
Now I too am sad :o+1
September 05 2019 12:40:25
Wade Glad if t touched you. Such a sad and beautiful a track from acousticeg. +1
Heart touching add Wade, wonderful :) <3+1
September 05 2019 12:41:13
Wade Thanks so much for the listen and comment Franky. +1
I believe that it is above all the heart that makes the reed of your sax vibrate so wonderfully. You always know, with your huge musical vision, how to play, when to play, how to manage the volume.+1
September 05 2019 12:43:04
Wade You're always so kind in your comments. Playing with dynamics seems very natural, yet I often have to "adjust" the levels to fit when editing. +1
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