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After a time with a lot of work, I finally have the opportunity to listen to and make music again. This melancholic composition by uncoil appealed to me very much! Thank you very much for this opportunity.


What to say ?
August 31 2019 22:37:16
Pewi :)merci:) +1
August 31 2019 22:39:25
abuitremorem cool Thierry :)<3 +1
Ganz wunderbar, Peter - trifft mitten ins Herz! :)+1
August 31 2019 19:04:50
Pewi vielen Dank Manfred, freut mich, wenn`s gefällt:) +1
WOW.... You have play and compose what I consider a Wonderful "Concerto for Flute" with 3 distinct parts: 0:13-1:00, 1:00-2:00, 2:00-end!! You state your Beautiful heme in 1st section, in the 2nd section you embilish your theme with subtle slurs, a more emotional attack on your higher octave statement, in the 3rd section you play spirited faster passages and use staccato eight notes that raises the excitement to your Wonderful ending!!! Your execution is Incredible with a wonderful tone!!! Excellent my friend!!+1
August 31 2019 19:07:32
Pewi Thank you so much Dan! I'm always very happy to hear from you. Your differentiated comments are always an incentive for me! Thanks again for that:):) +0
<3Magnifique! <3+1
August 31 2019 19:08:10
Pewi merci beaucoup :):) +1
Very beautiful Peter!<3+1
August 31 2019 19:08:24
Pewi Thank you so much!! +1
I like this one.(sorry as eloquent as I can get right now....with all these tears coming down)+1
August 31 2019 19:49:38
Pewi Oh, it wasn't my intention to make you sad, are it really tears or is it sweat (in my studio under the roof is at the moment 28 degrees Celsius):o:D
Anyway, thank you very much.
August 31 2019 19:52:25
Leftdaloops1019 careful those fingers might slip with all that sweat......No one could live in South Texas without AirConditioning------- so it is the melocolic tears of sad flute +1
magnifique moment de musique, on sent cette détresse mélancolie dans ton son. j'adore! bravo et merci B):)+1
August 31 2019 21:43:32
Pewi thank you very much! It was a beautiful trip;):) +1
oh wie wunderbar :) <3+1
August 31 2019 22:38:01
Pewi freut mich, dass es Dir gefällt:) +1
Maravilloso Peter!! <3<3:)+1
August 31 2019 22:38:12
Pewi Thanks so much:) +1
Freut mich, dass Du wieder etwas mehr Zeit für Dich hast. Wunderschönes Stück das Ihr zusammen spielt :)<3+1
August 31 2019 22:41:06
Pewi Bei mir sind`s noch 3 Jahre 11 Monate und und etwa 26Tage;):D +1
September 01 2019 09:44:16
abuitremorem Bei mir war das nicht so einfach. Die Lust an der Arbeit hatte abgenommen, aber das durfte ich niemandem sagen. Passt nicht:D +1

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