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Lemniscata, it´s the name of the symbol with which we represent the infinity. This jam can be heard from 2:00 to the end or from 0 to 2:00 with the difference of bass chords for you to do your musical project or solo idea. Soon I will upload my track of chords keys. It is not a loop because it was recorded live to its full length. BASS: Lizard Bass play 50/50% pickups sounds with Palm Mute technique and chords VST: ...


September 06 2019 10:32:44
GlezBass This is Argentine tango! :) +1
a super bass and perc here Mario...;););)+1
September 05 2019 22:30:06
GlezBass thanks so much Nils! :) +1
Yes Fantastic playing ;)<3+1
September 05 2019 22:29:49
GlezBass thanks Charli! +0
September 05 2019 22:29:38
GlezBass thanks Mark! +0
Sigue encantándmoe el sonido de este bass, suena la madera absolutamente, además se ve muy cómodo para alcanzar notas agudas, muy buen jam.+1
September 05 2019 22:29:24
GlezBass gracias amigo! un poco de groovy a ritmo de tango flamenco, mañana subire keys para darle color ;) +1
Fantastic amigo :Y :)+1
September 06 2019 10:30:55
GlezBass jam to soloists!! here upload keys ;) --> #171030 +0
Qué sonidazo amigo mío! Buenísimo+1
September 06 2019 19:28:34
GlezBass mas adelante tienes los keys... gracias! +0
September 06 2019 22:17:54
Andri Me he puesto a improvisar un poco sobre la pista y anda que no da juego. Mañana de cabeza! :) +1
September 06 2019 22:20:39
GlezBass en el fondo es como un loop continuo con 4/5 notas juguetonas que se repiten, creo recordar q eran G B C D# D... notas del bajo tonicas, y es la idea que improvise un solista weno! Mark hizo una buena jam, mañana subire un remix de esta de Mark +0
Enjoying the Flamenco feel of this mixed with more jazzy structure.+1
September 09 2019 14:25:11
GlezBass ;) +1
This is GREAT Mario !!+1
September 09 2019 23:58:41
GlezBass thanks franky! perhaps better with keys ;) +1

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