wade n me live at my house

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Yay! wade's here so had to be jammed.


nice sounds guys ;)+2
September 09 2019 12:52:19
Wade Cheers Adu. Your name came up several times as someone we both like to play with at the wikifest. +1
September 09 2019 15:53:38
adu I hope we can play and talk next year at the wikifest. Thanks Wade ;) +2
clean and effective kimbo, very good<3:W+2
this grooves so nice and what a cool combination you two :) Did you have fun ? silly question..I can tell :) thumbs from me+2
September 10 2019 11:16:40
Wade Thanks Shi. Always a joy to meet up with Kimbo and share life's good tings. +0
so cool you did a take and it sounds really great your jam with Wade,kimbo,i had a great time with Wade in my studio in August...;););)+2
September 09 2019 12:49:04
Wade I wish I could just spend my time visiting you and everybody else making music. Thanks Nils, I had a great time playing and visiting with you. +0
cool track ! nice to hear you guys having fun :)+2
September 10 2019 11:18:15
Wade Thanks OliVBee! Was once again good to have a wander around Europe and meet up with Kimbo. +1
Great track from this mini wikifest!:Y+2
September 10 2019 11:20:16
Wade Hey Fivestringer! Thinking about all the good music we also shared together last year. Maybe next year? +1
September 10 2019 13:29:08
Fivestringer Looking forward to that! :) +1
Very nice jam.+1
September 10 2019 11:15:07
Wade Cheers Rob! +1
Nice one you two :)+1
September 09 2019 12:57:28
Wade Thanks to you for warming up Kimbo! He spoke very warmly of your visit. Kimbo also told tales of our having a mutual passion...single malts! May be difficult to arrange a portable collection and make comparisons. Such a joy sharing good malts and music. +0
Wow!!! Fantastic jam guys! Amazing. Greetings Wade+1
September 09 2019 12:51:15
Wade Cheers Andri! Would be good to do a southern European jam transit...Canary Islands? Yea, that fits too. +1
September 09 2019 15:17:48
Andri Sure!!! When? +1
September 09 2019 19:03:02
kimbo You better get out the best wiskey, coffee and fish! +2
September 10 2019 11:14:06
Wade Depends on several things:

1 .When convenient for others.
2. Not conflicting with the business side of life.
3. I can fit in a visit to my daughter in Norway, or in-laws in England.
4. I live long enough and am fit enough for the journey.

It usually happens when the weather is crap in New Zealand (May through November). No promises, just potentials.
How could I not give Kimbo a thumb? Great host and musician and a lot of fun to hang around. I can assure you we both hope for a fest with all of you in the future.+1
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