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Cross-platform, but single chord. I recorded an Ample P-Bass (virtual instrument) on an evaluation version of Reaper on Windows, then went back to my Ardour (on Linux) to add a Hi-Hat, a Salamander piano, and a Yoshimi DX Rhodes. Please feel free to cut & slice if you find this useful. HD track should be bass only, with count in.
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bass, Hi-Hat, piano, synth


First listen , it brought to mind the Doors "The End". I was expecting Jim Morrison to come in after two bars "This is the only friend ...." :P
The keys are awesome. Sounds great! I would like to see you develop it into a full fledge song.The concept is great!I also am glad to see you expanding your skills quite well.
If you have any questions about Reaper just ask.I went from Audacity to Reaper and the hardest part was mastering editing skills.
September 09 2019 10:40:14
wjl Thank you Joe! :) Actually, the bass reminds me quite a bit of Santana: (starts at around 1:44, but the whole piece is awesome). Don't know how to get that out of my head... :) +1
Cool creative idea. I like.B)+2
September 09 2019 10:39:59
wjl Thank you Rick! :) +0
This is the moment I prefer on Wikiloops, when a track arrives and the first idea is to snap my fingers. I download<3+2
September 11 2019 08:00:00
wjl Merci Erwan :) +1
Very nice and creative, Wolfgang :)

I completely agree with Acousticeg
September 10 2019 10:24:31
wjl Mille grazie magir! :) +1
Der Moment, wo das Klavier einsteigt ist magisch, mach weiter so(kannst Du auch Klavier spielen?) sehr cool!+1
September 10 2019 18:37:52
wjl Danke Peter - und nein, leider kann ich nicht wirklich Klavier spielen :) +1
Super idea and really cool Wolfgang:)<3+1
September 20 2019 08:50:23
wjl Thank you Dorothy :) +1
So leicht und elegant! :W+1
October 19 2019 20:36:28
wjl Vielen Dank - hab's jetzt lang nicht mehr gehört... :) +1
October 19 2019 20:36:48
hartmut ist voll schön geworden, ich hörs gerade zum 3. Mal :) +1
kinda moody but definitely cool.. I think this should be a bit longer...thumbs from me for sure :)+1
October 19 2019 20:53:28
wjl Thanks Shi :) By the way that title is something the (11th) Doctor (Who) said to Clara... +1
October 19 2019 21:22:18
Shi yes.... I saw it :) +1
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