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I've noodled around in there with the band and had a lot of fun doing it. Real excited to play my old Godin guitar again. Really missed the guitar since retiring it a couple years ago. Still has electronics problems but I'm working on that. Also switched from nylons back to steel strings. Thanks for the cool jam mates. Thanks for listening.


Great FrankieJ. You can not leave these old guitars - too many hours and experiences are in it. I used to think that Manitas de Plata had a super guitar. At his death, a magazine had looked at this guitar and found that it had a big hole in the sound body :)<3+2
September 13 2019 22:12:19
Wade A great thrill for me was to hear and meet Manitas de Plata. A wonderful player and fine man. I didn't see a hole, but didn't inspect the guitar he had at that time (around 50 years ago). +3
September 13 2019 22:22:32
abuitremorem I had admired him very much 50 years ago. But then my big mistake began: I meant that he played his flamenco from the moment out "el duende" ...., as I believed that blues would always be played out of the moment. I was so stupid never to question that:D +2
September 13 2019 23:00:36
Wade Distance and time give perspective. +2
Great Frankie!! Your old Godin sounds fantastic. Thank you for join in :)+1
October 10 2019 09:43:16
FrankieJ Great template!
thanks Armin:)
Nice! Jazz Jazz! :Y+1
Oh...I am diggin this :):D<3 Awesome ad my friend :):W+1
October 10 2019 09:39:40
FrankieJ Much fun:) thanks Mark:) +1
Love the jazz vibe in this pulsating mood with those drums. Awesome sax as always Fish and super guitar playing. Great work congrats to you all involved in this one. <3:)<3+1
An almost exotic refined guitar touch! Pure class! :)+1
Ah... Jazz, Jazz!!! A Smooth coolness!! Your guitar is so creative and Magnificent interacting with Fish's cool sounds!!! Fantastic, Frankie!!!+1
very cool indeed, congrats.+1
sounds great your Godin FrankieJ and well played...;););)+1

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