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The quality of Adu's Rock tracks is always excellent ... but this old track ... WoW !! I'm rejuvenated playing the Hammond here .... and my mind and gratitude always goes to the unforgettable Jon Lord. Danke Adu and thanks for listening.....and Let's Rock!! :)
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Deep Purple; Jon Lord:


Precious hand Stef ;)
September 19 2019 15:54:49
Stef WoW ...:) Thank you so much Titi!! :) +0
Cant help headbanging to this rockin cool track...:Y:D:Y:o<3:o resistance is futile !+2
September 19 2019 15:44:29
Stef Thank you so much dear Tu!! :) :) +0
As always, you take Fantastic music to a much higher level!!!! I am so impressed with your "fade" at 1:57 and that whole sequence 1:55-2:25 you are playing at a tremendous creative level!!!! I totally understand (I think) your "rejuvenated" philosophy because I have a similar outlook... if a song "inspires' me then I just have to do it. Now, many songs inspire my respect for a good song well played that I Love the listen too many times but in my little brain the song does not need a sax...and even if it does...I feel I can't do it justice. But I just know when I have to try playing on a song that grabs me and so inspires me to play. Excellent playing Stef!!!!+2
September 19 2019 15:48:35
Stef Dan you understand me on the fly! Thank you so much for your wonderful words!! :) +1
Hammond power riffing ... :O:O Sounds excellent Stef!! :W:W Rock on!!!+1
September 19 2019 15:46:32
Stef My fantastic Rock Brother I just listened to your incredible bass singing here ....WoW!! Love it! Thank you so much Ernie!!! :) +1
September 19 2019 17:31:27
Ernie440 Always great to join your classic rock Stef, my pleasure buddy :) +1
Wow WoW and WOW!!!! You make me feel honored. Now the track had really a Deep Purple touch. Sometimes i believe your creativity use you and not otherwise. I thank you so much dear Stef. Mille Grazie I love it! <3:W+1
September 19 2019 15:50:24
Stef Honor and pleasure is all mine Adu! I love your fantastic Rock vision! Thank you so much my friend!! :) +1
Ha me on those first notes :):D:D+1
September 19 2019 15:50:53
Stef Thank you so much Mark! :) +0
yeeaahhh Jon Lord style :):W+1
September 19 2019 15:51:08
Stef Thank you so much Direx!! :) +0
yeah thats some awesome playing Stef wow...;););)+1
September 19 2019 15:51:19
Stef Thank you so much Nils! :) +1
Power to you Stef Awesome Hammond add!!!:W:W:W+1
September 19 2019 15:55:18
Stef Thank you so much Dorothy! :) :) +1
Awesome!!:o Take the soul of the great John Lord!!:D<3!
Thank you for this wonderful song Stef!!;):):W
September 19 2019 15:55:53
Stef Thank you so much Hugo for this!! :) +1
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