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If I were a dude and I were dating me, I'd write me this song :D :D :D such a great template from Pat!!!!! I started out jazzy and then went all country. with love, MC
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country, marry me, silly love song


Amazing Moon! <3<3+1
September 27 2019 17:55:49
moonchild Thank you, Andri! :D +0
Excellent use of Pat's fine template. A fine song even if it's a bit strange writing a love song to yourself. Well, it's been said, and likely true, that you can't love anyone else if you don't love yourself.+1
September 27 2019 17:53:21
moonchild Thank you, Wade :D +1
Woow .. Devin .. If I were a dude and you would date me with this song, you would never get rid of me again!! So be careful with your voice .. it's magic!"!+1
September 27 2019 17:50:58
moonchild Hehehehehe :D thank you! +0
Just so beautiful !!<3<3<3+1
September 27 2019 17:50:22
moonchild Thank you, deezee <3 +1
very nice song and singing!! <3+0
September 27 2019 17:56:49
moonchild Thank you, Mario <3 +1
nice song for a great template :)+0
September 27 2019 18:03:22
moonchild Thank you, Doc! :) +1
Another nice one, Devin. Wrote a bit about love songs and such, done for movies lately, see my blog. That all came out of Malaysia where my wife is from (and one of the few English songs is titled "Marry me". :) ) Ok have to hop and to get to work; "see" ya soon, and keep up the good work of yours :)
Edit: just listened again from work, and it's such a nice proposal. So would you say yes to yourself? :D
September 27 2019 18:01:16
moonchild Thank you, Wolfgang! :D Can you send me the link because I couldn't find it! Although I enjoyed reading some of your other blog posts <3
Hmmmmmm..... I would say yes ;)
September 27 2019 18:02:30
moonchild On second thought.... It's kind of a bunch of BS :D Lots of cliches and stuff. I don't know if I'd say yes to marry me but I might stick around ;) +1
October 02 2019 21:40:05
wjl Had to work on our server, and I'm still not done - maybe that's why you couldn't see it. The link is - and the articles before and after that one deal with the same movie(s) and song(s) :) +0
Extremely beautiful lyrics and vocals.+0
September 27 2019 18:02:46
moonchild Thank you, GBD ! :D +1
lucky guy :)
September 27 2019 18:02:52
moonchild <3 :) +0
Never stop singing Moonchild, your Voice is a Gift for every Musican. <3+0
September 27 2019 18:03:12
moonchild I will never stop singing <3 Thank you, Andy :) :) :) +1

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