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A slow-burning ambient track that crackles with background radiation before crashing and burning up in the atmosphere. Come join the ride!
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Ambient, Dub, Space Rock


W:oW Amazing!!!! let me try something. <3<3+2
Wow wow, still a nice stretch of highway for soloist that you made us there 8.39 miles or 13.5 km is huge ! :)+2
Ooch!! 8’39 of ultimate tension:) landing after launching+1
Amazing track!+1
Your musical settings are always amazing Dan! An impressive crescendo that wonderfully combines the sounds as Tangerine Dream and Pink Floyd!+1
Oh man...How cool :) Play along now or wait...:o:o+1
Awesome Dan <3+1
<3<3 Amazing Dan,espectacular mi amigo :W:W+1
Not let drop the pick, not let drop the pick....
Awesome track Dan! I really like how the track develops, great work !! :) :W+1

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