Rickplayers Daydreaming Piano Boogie

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First track on piano in new home. Open to all


:D this is happy stuff Rick, makes me smile here! :) well played!+3
April 10 2014 18:07:07
Rickplayer Thanks got some lyrics to go along with this coming soon +2
April 10 2014 18:11:32
Molber Nice! :) +0
Holy Moses Man your on fire!+2
April 10 2014 18:08:40
Rickplayer Thanks got some lyrics to go along with this coming soon +0
April 10 2014 22:42:22
Dick i can only agree to malco here! +1
Love it! Love it! Love it! You`re cruel on piano!:)+2
você é bom. muito bom+2
oh, this song, daydream, sound very nice as piano boogie! really nice!+1
oh man, i've said it before & will repeat myself but….i LOOOVE your piano stuff - it's just SO good !!
thanks for sharing ;)
Great man!!!+1
man !! great playing :)+1
by the way , i forgot to ask : does this mean you're settled already in your new home ?
as in : every instrument ready to be recorded, computer on the W-Loops page & EVERYTHING ELSE outside or in the garage ? :D :D
April 10 2014 22:52:18
Rickplayer not yet still working t it and begging wife for more toys i'll post pics when finished +0
April 11 2014 01:08:33
nuno1959 then i'll pray to the ''Wife Gods'' to get her in the right mood.. :D
P.S.: try flowers or breakfast in bed ? better yet, try both… ;)
Love the piano!+1
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