Complex Simplicity with bridge/solo

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Jeff and I have been working on this arrangement. We have more work to do yet, but here is a mix of where we are now.


Hey guys, just a little update on this project. Jeff has accepted my coaching on the vocals, specifically about the low parts being out of his range. Too low for him to hit strongly. He has done another vocal take and took the melody UP instead of DOWN on those parts, and I am happy to report that it did the trick, and now THAT range problem is no longer part of his vocal track. I put his new stem in and I am pleased with it. I will send up a new mix as soon as I am done tweaking. Another problem solved. We will be looking at adding some backing vocals next, and then I think we are ready to take this into final mix/master stage. If anyone is interested in helping with backing vocals, PM me and I will bring you into the process. Jeff says he is at a loss for finding backing parts, so I will be offering up ideas for him to sing (using MIDI to demo ideas). This part is open to all so let me know if you want in on backing vocal. Also when this is all done I will be offering up the stems to anyone who wants to have a go at a final mastered mix. It's shaping up! Thank you all!+0
Fantastic keeper,I love it, great job:W+1
You've got a life worth mending
No point in condemning
Mistakes that happened in the past

Thats no way to fix a problem
Can't pick up what has fallen
Just leave it be and breath at last

You make it so much harder
Sit back and think things over
Calm down, look ahead and pray

There's not a destination
No place that holds salvation
What you need is not so far away

If you could just turn your eyes my way
Remove your head from the sand
We find its not all that complex
When we strive to see in simplicity

Oh yeah, here are the rest of the lyrics...

I get that you want to be
Someone who is specialy
Gifted and way before the time

You 've got your gold but then there's silver
No matter which is delivered
We can see how both of these can shine

Sometimes it's required
Hard work to inspire
A magnatude of critical acclaim

But in the end if you get it
Make sure sure there is no regret
After all its all done in your name

If you could just turn your eyes my way
Remove your head from the sand
We find its not all that complex
When we look to see in simplicity
© JZsuperstar
Always something new and creative from you (and Jeff) .. very cool man!!+1
October 02 2019 15:16:47
Keeper Thanks Ernie. As producer I am thinking it would be good to add backing vocals, if someone wants to try. I have the lyrics. I will post them. +0
Sound very good as it is.+1
October 02 2019 15:06:22
Keeper Thanks. I told Jeff I think the low parts he is singing are on the very edge of his vocal range on the low end. He is hitting the low notes, but just barely. He is much stronger on the higher parts. I am trying to see if I can somehow help it. +0
October 02 2019 22:25:45
Wade Play it in a higher key? +0
:W :D fantastic,I like the arrangement you are doing, good work,Keeper and Jeff <3<3+1
cool atmosphere and enjoyed the sounds here :)+1
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