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Well, after many long months without my faithful old Martin I finally got a chance to work on some new material. I think this really lends itself as more of a ballad than folk. The key is a result of placing a capo at the 5th fret and playing in C so my key changes may be incorrect, but this is as close as I could work out... I'm glad to be back and look forward to more...
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Ballad, Martin, acoustic


Nice chord progression - and welcome back BD! :)+1
October 03 2019 20:34:30
BooDoggie Thanks +1
BEAUTIFULLY played. I'm a huge fan BD. Great sound.+1
October 03 2019 20:35:10
BooDoggie Thanks my friend +1
beautiful<3 really nice:D👍 glad you have your friend Martin back+1
October 03 2019 20:35:44
BooDoggie I appreciate the compliments +1
this is pretty Boo :) Glad to hear you back at the loops again :)+1
October 03 2019 20:39:09
BooDoggie Thanks... you don't know how much I missed my old Martin :) +1
very nice!!!+1
October 04 2019 16:09:34
BooDoggie Thanks:) +0

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