This Bird Has Flown

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Loved NeroNick's driving guitar sound immediately! Left a little break for some soloing......
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bye bye!


wow... extraordinary magical song full of strong emotions... deeply gorgeous! :)+2
April 12 2014 00:48:28
AnneCozean well thank you, Tomas. it's no Lullaby, but it's got horses and birds. 8) +3
The combination of Neronick's clean and driving guitar and your dark and sexy voices make for a wonderful song of breaking free from a burdensome relationship. Absolutely love this.+2
April 13 2014 01:25:57
AnneCozean "breaking free" - like that description - thank you, Sister! +1
Good Colaboration...nice sound. Wish i could harmonise like you Anne, it's alway's a bit hit and miss with me. nice guitar work Neronick to...:)+2
April 13 2014 01:26:59
AnneCozean Hi, Smooth as Gravy Davy! Thanks for your listen. +0
15 seconds in and you got me......I like how the guitar drives the song along and the vocals fly and the harmonies sparkle...:)+2
April 13 2014 01:33:44
AnneCozean "driving" guitar is the phrase of the day - i'm with you. Thank you, Shi - glad you stopped by. +0
this bird has flown
she's flown away
she can't stay
you kept me caged now i've set myself free
i'm flying high
nothing but sky
watch me fly
you starved my heart with the lies you fed me
your world's too black
won't be back
i need the truth and it won't come from you
can't keep me down
leaving town
i want some color i'm headed for blue
woah woah
instrumental solo?
my wings are spread and i'm ready to soar
i feel brand new
breaking through
you locked me up but now i've got the key
this bird's gone wild
she's much too riled
watch her smile
i know exactly where i want to be
I'm in an elevator and the only way is up+1
April 12 2014 00:29:58
AnneCozean 8) +0
Great composition, guitar playing, lyrics and vocals! Love this.+1
April 12 2014 00:35:43
AnneCozean thank you for your generous comment, redrum. 8) +0
coooool ! nice song :) still the great distinctive voice :D+1
April 12 2014 00:40:54
AnneCozean thanks for the ear, O. mix is a bit uneven, but i'm uneven today... +1
April 12 2014 01:22:09
AnneCozean und was bedeutet "gail" mando? +0
April 12 2014 07:52:58
Neronick indeed! +0
Love your VOICE!+1
April 12 2014 05:17:51
AnneCozean Thank you, Johnnie - appreciate the time you spent on me. +0

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