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too many cries now rivers turn to sea too many many lies as a human industry time floats until sinking means it's over and you stand uselessly don't you feel like a puppet without master hanging on - oh will you hold on on the spinning wheel like in a rodeo will you hold on till you pay the bill on the rodeo once and once again like in an endless symphony back to the same old melody waiting for a smile open your eyes scrutinize too many lives focused on their fee too many goodbyes and ...


love it!+2
Can hardly believe my ears... wow+2
Listening again, and!
Was this really born in the traditional Wikiloops way?
Olivbee and Marmotte. An endless symphony.+2
what an awesome write: "time floats until sinking means it's over" Oliv - beautiful bottom of sound for the Lady of Lovely Expression. - that final "Rodeo." OH! those harmonies could be a dessert. 1:41 - 2:04 oh Bee! change at 2:44 grabs me in the throat. this is the most delicious pairing -such an honor to hear Marmotte sing. i could weep - think i will.
love you both with a big wailing waaaaaaah
yeeeeeehaaaaaa !!! :D :D awsoooome !!!
i'ze happy :)
YEEEES! great! I am a big fan of this song! I feel I will keep it in my mind and sing it whole week... it needs woodwinds... LOVE IT TOO!!!! :D:D:D+1
JUST GOT A NEW FAVE WIKITRACK total quality !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!+1
+ Big extra kudos for the lyrics. Pure beauty.+1

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