Metal Rat a Tat Tat

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Much less energetic than Rolfs fantastic version I was slower in getting to it....heres my (old man) drum try, simply pretty conventional really:) Thanks for listening


Great my friend yeahhhh keep on rocking+2
October 12 2019 00:27:32
PJE It’s great to hear from you amigo thank you jussef, always miss you when your not around, hows things....good I hope:) +1
great class Peter, I like your version better my friend<3:W your ride cymbal whooooooow:W+1
October 11 2019 19:30:02
PJE Thats a very fine compliment from you Rolf, for me they are just different both equally valid and, your version is wonderful I particulary like your intial fill played with super enrgy and feel my friend
Btw your drumming with Frankies latest track is very impressive too:W
one more my friend ..... your drums have volume:W+1
sounds pretty cool to me Peter...wooo :)liking those fills :)+1
October 12 2019 18:40:45
PJE Thanks so much Shi,always make my day:D:W +1
Sounds super awesome fantabulous Peter! VERY POWERHOUSE DRUMS!Snare and kick are so badboy, they are public enemy number #1.The reverse cymbal at the beginning is pure brilliance!Its all so BALANCED. You have an ear for the song most definitley. You have made your number #1 critic very happy . This is how you should be heard. Crisp, clean and precise and thumping my chest with your kick thru the subwoofer while I am air drumming with your tom rolls thru the ears.You absolutley KILLED IT, my friend....Rock and Roll! My cheeks hurt from you slapping my face thru the internet with your snare hits.Your drums deserve High Definition.+1
October 12 2019 00:09:01
PJE I owe you big time Joe, after your great feedback I have been thinking hard and experimenting and after these compliment I am so pleased you took the time thank you so much my friend, now I just want to make some more music with you soon......time to get to work I hope and beers on me +1
Killer !! Thanks a million Peter+1
October 13 2019 00:46:05
PJE Such a great rocker Tom thank you :W +1
This is indeed a tough nut...and you've cracked it.+0
Yesss, Peter, what a power and precision!!:)+0
a great drumming Peter...;););)+0
:W:W fantastic Peter :D+0

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