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pffuah.... that was a hard signature to play in... totally out of my comfort....set it up with some attacks on the first and was counting all the time in my head (there it went wrong...... )some feeling too.... fooled arround a bit and a badly timed solo-line at the end... Enjoyed it a lot Martin, thanks for this timing lesson! Marc


This is an excellent framework, Marc. I'm sorry for the tough time signature! LittleWing is right though. Don't get too tied up in the fact it's in 9 and look for the repetition. I've intentionally tried to make every bar as rhythmically consistent as I can to help people. I guess, if you break it down, the emphasis is 123412341 in reality.

A good odd-meter is hard but should feel fluid. Think of Take Five or Money...

If it's any consolation, I didn't just rattle this track out. It took a *lot* of run-throughs to get into the feel of it. Especially as I only had the click to guide me.

The original track that inspired me (also in 9/8 but musically follows 18/8!) is 'Birds Of Fire' by Mahuvishnu Orchestra. If you have a listen to that, you'll hear where I got the ideas from. Although I simplified the drums to make the rhythms more obvious.
October 16 2019 13:23:29
Marceys yes very true.
I was thinking in 12345678 and than play the ONE a bit late everytime....
so 123456781 - 123456781 indeed!

That was duable, the hardest thing was the change in groove/part and i got all cunfused.... :)
Now try 12/8! The trick with odd times is to just relax and feel it for awhile. Youll eventually sync up with it.Try too hard and it becomes automatonic.Its a cool time signature and Ive been playing with it myself but Im still in idea phase and Martin being a Mahavishnu Orchestra fan, is giving a clue as to where he envisoned it going so Ive been listening to 9/8 MO tracks. You are now a better musician for having attempted it.Great job!+2
October 15 2019 23:52:51
Marceys Yeah, i tried to get the feeling at first but that wasn’t doing the trick for i went with a counting/feeling kinda state of mind.... that figures the timing mistakes i made! :) but a good lesson it was! :) +2
October 16 2019 09:27:41
mpointon I would suggest sequencing an arbitrary 9/8 repeating ostinato - much like Woodstock's add - and use that as part of the guide. It's easier to work with 'tuned' motifs than just drums. You don't have to use the ostinato in your final mix but I suggest it would really help. +1
October 16 2019 13:19:20
Marceys [youtube]ritvIXN_L8c[/youtube] +0
If this was a screw-up you covered well!+2
October 26 2019 14:06:43
Marceys Haha, thanks a lot Wade! +1
No pain no gain :)
I feel totally lost myself
123456123 !
October 16 2019 13:20:03
Marceys true, i had to push harder to get something done here! :) +0
Lenny Cowler
October 16 2019 13:20:33
Lenny Cowler
Marceys Good lesson, but brainkiller it was... +1
Phoo.. Brain breaker is right. :o Well done!+1
October 20 2019 19:40:18
Marceys Thanks, glad you like it! :) +1
:oBravo Marc for the inspiration! B):W+1
November 13 2019 20:44:10
Marceys Well, it was a good timing lesson for me trying to follow the groove of Martins drums! +1
Awesome Marc, sounds fantastic !! :W :D+1
November 20 2019 22:41:02
Marceys Thank you very much! Glad you like it! :) +1
Tough to add to this great track. I'll leave it to the pros.........great creation! What a time signature!+1
November 29 2019 22:30:32
Marceys Glad you like it Grathy! :) +0

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