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Thanks to Andri for creating this super template. Now I've taken my pedal board for a bit of a spin on this and limited myself to the Eventide Pitchfactor. I'm still working on it so the residual noise in the beginning is from the board going into the iRig and into the iPad....something I still need to sort with my tech. And the levels are a bit subject to the Soprano being tricky to mic with my single Sennheiser wireless....but ...


Wow! You've changed the color of the track. I love the sound of the saxophone. There comes a time that looks like a keyboard. Wonderful. Thank you very much for joining. <3<3+1
October 16 2019 19:32:29
CameAndWent4-20 Thanks Andri. My pleasure to join you. Hope there’s more to come with you. +1
October 16 2019 20:03:09
Andri I hope we keep doing things together, too. :D +1
Fantastic production, Alex!!!! Fantastic Creativity And, your playing "SWINGS" Great effects too!!!!+1
October 16 2019 19:33:28
CameAndWent4-20 Thanks Dan. I’m just starting to get my playing together with the pedal board and the recording thereof. +0
:o Super ! Wikilaboratoriesound midi of all kinds :)+1
October 16 2019 09:21:10
CameAndWent4-20 Thanks so much....glad you like it. +1
Wow!! so cool Alex!!+1
October 16 2019 02:05:01
CameAndWent4-20 Thanks Mario😃 +0
Here are some pitches :)
I like when sax players use effects. A friend of mine had an electric quartet and use wah-phasing-overdrive-whammy and playing his sax inside its soft case with holes for his hands.... 25 years ago
Man I love this! Awesome voicing on the pitchfactor. Works perfect in this Jazzy tune. I heard no warts. Only a master musician at work.;)+1
October 16 2019 05:04:22
CameAndWent4-20 Thanks Rick. Very kind of you. I’ll be using it more as I understand it better. +0

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