Rotten Bacon Smell

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Hello guys and girls, today i uploaded this song from WhiteDrum55 & Marceys, that i thank you for the beautiful track. I used my Yamaha ebass, trying to stay in funk mood. I didn't slap it because: 1) i am really not very good at it 2) the song remainds me to the '70s funk/jazz songs (Al Jarreau, for exemple), so i created my line with normal 2 fingers technique. Hope you'll like it.
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'70s Funk/Jazzy


Lovely bass play, super! :W+1
October 18 2019 10:58:04
blubasso Thank You hartmut :) +1
bravo compatriota! complimenti! :) :)+1
October 18 2019 12:18:05
blubasso Grazie mille onorium! :)
Thanks a lot onorium! :)
Nice job :)+1
October 18 2019 13:15:02
blubasso Thank you Fishinmissio :) +1
You certainly got that 70's jazz/funk style down perfectly. Glad you didn't slap, as it would have lost the mellow jazziness that really smooths it out. Fantastic playing that augments a great track.+1
October 18 2019 14:53:18
blubasso Thanks a lot DanDiplo, really appreciate it :) +0
Super bass Blu:Y+1
October 18 2019 14:57:11
blubasso Thank you Petebass :) +1
A very great Bassplay my friend. You know this remember me at Granturismo Racing Music.
Wonderful work from all:D:D:Y
October 18 2019 18:57:10
blubasso Thank you, glad you like it :) +0
a great playing blubasso...;););)+1
October 18 2019 23:57:47
blubasso Thank you slin :) +1
Beautiful bass ad<3+1
October 19 2019 14:34:00
blubasso Thank you khangurumc :) +1
Hey blubasso You played it with a cool dynamic drive! Harmonics are great too! Thanks for your musical ride! :)+1
October 19 2019 14:42:45
blubasso I tryed to use a little bit more harmonie in my line: the relatively slow tempo allowed me to have a "melodic" one plus normal tonic. I tryed to stay on tonic in the first beat of the bar, too keep sure the listeners know which chord we use, and the off beat with the 9h, 7h and so on. In the chorus I stayed straight: fundamental/fifth because of the the very good work from the drum, no need to add extra notes because IMO too much rythm.
In the third part I have the problem to stay more or less in the essence of the song but with another bass line. I solved with a bunch of fundamentals off beat. Hope it worked...
Thank you Marceys for the very good track! :)
Very cool styling blubasso. Now if we can get another Al Jarreau fan to sing with us :W :D+1
October 19 2019 17:52:24
blubasso Thank you WhiteDrum55! :)
You did a great work, especially with the snare. I liked a lot. :Y

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