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the rhythm only track is attached in the "HD Audio Download" area, so if You're interested in performing your melody line, please take it from there. All additions welcome! :)


I like the melody :)+1
October 18 2019 10:49:37
hartmut Thanks so much for this, blubasso! :) +0
Sweet! It could easily be doubled up to make a full length song. Good template!<3+1
October 18 2019 12:13:39
hartmut Thank You Tu, I'll try to get lenger records in future. Big fun, do you want to jump in? Cheers! +1
Beautiful Hartmut my friend these short pieces could easily be longer:W+1
October 18 2019 12:12:36
hartmut I should keep more energy for doing the second and third minute, too! Thank You for your feedback, PJE! :W :Y +1
a wonderful playing hartmut...;););)+1
October 18 2019 19:05:36
hartmut Thank You Nils, enjoy your weekend! :D +1
October 18 2019 19:24:16
slin you too hartmut...:D +1
so nice to hear all this creativity from you hartmut :) sweet guitar sounds+1
October 18 2019 21:47:49
hartmut Thank You very much, Shi :) +1
Wunderbares kleines Stück Hartmut. Ich mag die kleinen Komposition sehr und das hier regt wieder prima zum träumen an :) :)+1
October 18 2019 23:45:59
hartmut Ist sehr nett von Dir, dass Du das sagst. Bei dem Stück hab ich nur G Dur evtl mit Capo verwendet, in zwei Varianten, einmal G und einmal G über C, also G/C. Ich glaube das macht das Stück so ruhig. Hab ich zum allerersten Mal so kombiniert und war auch anfangs verwundert, dass das harmonisch völlig ausreichend ist. Danke, Franky! LG +0
Love the melody and beautiful playing Hartmut!!:)<3:):W+1
October 19 2019 12:42:14
hartmut Stephan's drums on top of it are so beautiful, I am so happy about him joining this jam here! :) :)
Thank You Deezee!! Cheers
October 19 2019 12:52:42
deezee I agree icing on the cake Hartmut:) +1
Really nice playing Hartmut! :W<3+1
October 19 2019 18:09:06
hartmut Jump in my friend :) there's drums & bass also +1
Nicely done Harmut!!!+1
October 19 2019 19:57:45
hartmut Thanks, man! :D +1
Tolle Vorlage, Hartmut! :)+1
October 19 2019 20:52:12
hartmut Danke, Wolfgang, das freut mich! +1

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