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It was hard work for me to play this great track by Thierry, especially the tuba voice. I'm always amazed how difficult it is to play with a bass instrument. Somehow I have the feeling that I am always a little late..Although I have tried it several times, I am far too much out of rhythm... Anyway, it was a lot of fun, thank you "titi". Greetings from the EWI Laboratory


sounds great Peter well done,I was at a concert with Hans Theessink and he brought with him one of the world's best tuba players Jon Sass and it was some of the coolest I've heard ...;););)[youtube]CNKdMDls8Ds[/youtube]+2
October 19 2019 17:11:15
Pewi OMG that's fantastic!!! That was certainly a great experience!
What do you mean Nils, we could not recruit him for Wikiloops:D;)?
Thanks so much for this:):)
October 19 2019 17:15:45
slin he is usually play in a symphony orchestra,i read somewere that Hans meet him on plane and that his grandfather played blues... +1
October 19 2019 17:16:42
Pewi :W:) +1
October 19 2019 20:28:57
frankyguitar This is so unusual but sooo COOOOL :D :W +0
I am so impressed that you seek out challenges and here your Creativity and talent shines through!!!! Excellent, Peter!!!+2
October 19 2019 17:35:20
Pewi thank you so much! It was fun!:) +0
October 19 2019 17:36:23
Pewi :D:D +1
Peter, your sound production is wonderful and above all performed at a higher level! Perfect integration with the beautiful Titi track! :)+1
October 19 2019 17:35:56
Pewi Thank you very much, I appreciate your motivating words!:) +1
Perfect, Peter, you're turning into a really good bass player (and now we bassists are out of job hehe) :D :Y :Y :Y+1
October 19 2019 18:17:46
Pewi Na ja...ich bin mir da nicht so sicher:D jedesmal wenn ich irgend etwas bassiges spiele, merke ich wie schwierig das ist. Ihr müsst ja immer etwas früher als alle andern einsteigen, bei jedem Ton:o +1
October 19 2019 18:34:14
wjl Naja bei einer Tuba - und wahrscheinlich auch bei deren Samples in Deinem EWI - dauert's vielleicht einen Moment bevor die Luftsäule "steht". Bei moderneren Instrumenten - also alles ab der Kontrabass-Aera - geht das schneller :) +1
You did great Peter, your tuba is very subtle and works well. Never disappointed in your work my friend!!!+1
October 20 2019 01:35:19
Pewi Thank you very much. I believe we are our strictest critics:) +1
You are a better musician for attempting something new. Sounds fantastic to me.[img][/img]+1
October 20 2019 01:36:07
Pewi Many thanks for the motivating words:) +0
Ich bin sicher kein Maßstab in punkto timing aber ich finde es großartig !! Ich vergesse doch immer wieder welches Füllhorn an sounds Dein EWI zu bieten hat !! Passt perfekt :) ;) :)+1
October 20 2019 01:36:48
Pewi Herzlichen Dank, freut mich sehr, dass Du mein EWI- Laboratorium magst:) +1
Toll Peter! Und interessant was hier über Verzögerungen geschrieben wurde. Meine Frage wäre, ob diese mit der -Art des Midicontroller zusammenhängen. Vielleicht wäre es mit Keys etwas anders???+1
October 20 2019 01:38:45
Pewi Vielen Dank René! Es ist tatsächlich so, dass ich beim EWI mit dem Tuba- Sound deutlich mehr Widerstand habe, dafür kann ich den Ton besser modulieren als mit den Tasten (glaube ich wenigstens:)) +0
Ein Multitalent 👏🏼+1
October 20 2019 01:39:15
Pewi Vielen Dank für Deinen Besuch:) +0

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