Orient Express

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New Zealand
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Such an evocative track from JMB65, Martin and Frank. Squeaky toy played in snake charmer mode. Won't be around for few days...playing a festival...wish me luck!


Impossible to escape the hypnotic charm of the fluctuating waves of your sax. A wonderful exotic touch how 1000 and one night. "Wish me luck"? I believe the real lucky ones will be those who can listen to playing you at that festival.+2
October 31 2019 23:42:58
Wade Thanks Stef. Festival went well, and had a chance to also hear lots of great music. +0
Very cool Wade .. perfect style for this tune, sounds great! :W+2
October 31 2019 23:43:31
Wade Cheers Ernie. This mode too easy...have heard it all my life. +0
Yeah I agree with the gang...masterfully delivered. In the zone doin your thing and knocking out of the damn ballpark!!!:D<3:D+2
October 31 2019 23:44:13
Wade Hi Tu. so kind of you to give a listen and comment. Ball park? Cricket Ground! +1
Amazing floating sax Wade, fits excellent! Great listen, great add !!
All my best wishes for your festival!! :W
October 31 2019 23:45:07
Wade Thanks Franky. Festival was good...as always. Lots of fine musicians there to hear. +1
Super add, very very sexy :o

Beautiful jam, my best claps to you all :)

Good luck, Wade :)
October 31 2019 23:48:13
Wade Thanks magirtiko! I guess the sax can sound sexy, but there's nothing much sexy about a 73 year old man (me!). +0
Cool to travel on your track, great landscapes, crazy skies and moving colors... Have fun ;)+2
October 31 2019 23:49:44
Wade Welcome to my fantasy...or is it my nightmare? Glad to have you along and hope we can have more live jams together next year. +1
November 01 2019 14:42:23
marmotte Looks like the meeting is on its course, hope to see you there too :) +1
fantastic play with great feeling:):W+1
October 31 2019 23:07:29
Lenny Cowler
Wade Thanks so much Lenny. +1
wow, great sounds there Wade. [img]https://previews.123rf.com/images/memoangeles/memoangeles1502/memoangeles150200017/37207358-cartoon-snake-charmer.jpg[/img]+1
October 27 2019 00:40:53
FrankMil so nailed it brother +1
October 31 2019 23:08:14
Wade A real pleasure to be on another track with you. Still waiting for us to do a session live together. +0
great take :) wish you all the luck you'll need on your journey :)+1
October 31 2019 23:09:14
Wade Thanks OliVBee! Journeys have been great and I only miss not being around here a bit more. +1
You mastered that mode!
Have fun and good luck :)
October 31 2019 23:10:16
Wade Hey Frankie. Glad you like. Yes fun had...here there and everywhere. +1

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