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Had a dive with these cool guys...Its another world down there and this beautiful music I think has captured some of the essence that we surely must not lose!!! For the technically interested (probably only myslf and Wade)I listed vocals because the sound you hear at beginning and end is the audio from my GoPro dive camera and actually recorded at about 30 metres depth..its me breathing through my Apex Diving Regs and with some backing vox by the very famous ...


What a beautiful remix and add Peter - thanks a lot and congrats to your # 700 jam! :)+3
October 28 2019 20:24:33
PJE Delight to jam with you my friend thank you for the wonderful share that made it possible.....never planned it but now I feel its significant this is my 700th...thank you Wolfgang:) +2
Just beautiful PJE+2
October 28 2019 19:32:59
PJE Always is sharing with you Frank..thank you my friend +1
this is such a cool idea Peter :) fab :) and real nice drums too :) lovely track from you all :)+2
October 28 2019 20:23:02
PJE Thanks so much Shi:), I tried to be a littel more gentle;) with this one... and delighted how kind you compliments are:D<3 +1
Oh so you breathe under water ? ;)
Cool track :)
October 28 2019 19:45:06
PJE Suppose que je suis juste un homme de la mer...:)
Thank you Charlotte:)
October 28 2019 19:49:17
marmotte This is a magic place where a mountain girl can meet a sea boy ;) +1
October 28 2019 19:56:49
PJE Its true.... You know how delighted I am to have met you here and how fortunate we are to have this have magic place to share:D:W +1
Great atmosphere, with a lot of peace. Compliment :)+1
wow this is a niice ride..+1
October 29 2019 15:26:27
PJE Thanks amigo glad you are back and can't wait to jam again +1
a fantastic drum add Peter...;););)+1
Do you mean THE SEAL? Gets my seal of approval! Just got a new mask today that is easier to equalize. Wow, they've certainly gone up in price! Next stop Wakatobi Indonesia...but not till next October. Maybe southern Great Barrier (where it's not too bleached) in February.+1
October 31 2019 11:59:19
PJE Cheers Wade wish it was the seal (Kiss from a Rose) but not sure what mine was called any way he was the real seal deal:)
Last mask I got was an Atomic high viz and yes expensive but worth it!
You have got some incredible stops on you tour maybe upload a pic or 2, but don't stop with the cool play my friend
November 01 2019 00:18:00
Wade Maybe send them to you via E-mail or something? I'm fairly busy a lot of the time (need to catch up with work between travels), so just do music here and don't post much else other than music and comments. +1
:W fantastic Peter <3+0
Fantastic idea and works so well my friend and of course fabulous drums Peter :) :D <3+0

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