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I had some time today afternoon and evening for finish the mix. :W Bass, some keys (not all) and guitar with the xtSA played. Great fun :D
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Fusion, Weird, Fran Ky


<3<3 Wow - was für ein Sound! Haut mich um!!! Toller Track Franky - grosses Kompliment!:W:W:D du willst es hier wirklich wissen :D:D:D+1
October 30 2019 22:05:56
frankyguitar Vielen Dank René :W Freut mich riesig. Habe versucht rauszuholen was irgend geht.... und klar hatte jede Menge Spaß :D :D +1
edgy sounding track here franky and I can tell you had fun :)+1
October 30 2019 22:09:57
frankyguitar :D Yes, big fun factor :D
Well, it is not really a tidied track, it has a weird structure, but it's not a coincidence. Thank you very much for listening and your nice comment Shi :) :)
wow a great work here Franky...;););)+1
October 30 2019 22:12:38
frankyguitar Thank you so much Nils, unfortunately not a blues :|
I really appreciate your listen my friend :) :W
October 30 2019 22:15:14
slin oh i like what you do with music Franky... +1
Really enjoyed this fun track. Nice one Franky:W:W<3:D+1
October 30 2019 22:13:38
frankyguitar :W :D :W Thank you so much Dorothy, yes FUN :D :W +1
W:oW What an intro! I love the sound you got. Great job Franky! The guitar seems to cry and the keyboard comforts her.+1
October 31 2019 09:17:05
frankyguitar :W thank you so much Andri!! Yes, the track is living from that both different ideas for guitar and keys. :) :) :) +0
A great creative touch you have Franky-you have a talent for making music interesting to listen to my friend:W:W
October 31 2019 09:19:21
frankyguitar Thank you so much Keith !! This is so nice to say, makes me happy !! :W :D :W +1
October 31 2019 09:20:23
Lenny Cowler
frankyguitar Thank you very much Lenny :) +0
That rock of the 80s came to mind but with a more modern touch and the magic of franky, great work friend:W:W+1
October 31 2019 16:30:58
frankyguitar :W thank you very much Julio, that’s very kind my friend :W +0
Always love your inventive work! Some nice, crazy keys. Lots of different influences all colliding in a cool way.+1
October 31 2019 20:37:31
frankyguitar Thank you very much Dan! I always have no idea how could I call or describe my stuff. But you are really right, a lot of different influences are in. Maybe it’s confused 🤷‍♂️? But it’s my way to express my feelings, my thoughts :W :D +1
October 31 2019 21:06:45
DanDiplo Never stop being yourself! +1
October 31 2019 21:14:02
frankyguitar :W :D +0
An exciting track with so many elements.+1
November 01 2019 10:25:55
frankyguitar Thank you very much Wade. Much fun to this :) +1
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