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This is a very special track for me. It is the musical counterpart to the picture "Three Hands", which symbolizes my little beloved family. They are the left hands of my wife, my son and me. The original print is hanging in my staircase, Ron knows the picture. The complete title, except the drums, are recorded with my Godin.


Cool track Franky:)and thanks for sharing the story behind your painting<3+2
October 31 2019 21:37:53
frankyguitar Thanx very much Pete :) <3 +1
Very nice my friend, coool music and a great print celebrating your family! Good idea too! :D:D :W+2
November 01 2019 07:09:54
frankyguitar Thank you very much Ernie, means a lot to me:) :W +0
November 01 2019 14:36:03
Ernie440 :W +0
what a sweet idea franky a nice picture and a sweet track too :)+2
November 01 2019 07:11:18
frankyguitar Thank you very much Shi, so wonderful you think so:) :) +1
This is a fabulous track you did Franky.<3 The picture idea is so very cool too-love it buddy<3<3<3
November 01 2019 08:49:49
frankyguitar Thank you very much Keith, very nice you think so buddy :) <3 :) +1
Such a loving picture franky is be worth more than all the masterpeices, for what it represents and how you brought it to life with your music<3+2
November 01 2019 09:03:49
frankyguitar That's so very kind Peter, thank you very much. It reminds us to stay together, in good and also in not so good times. If we do it, we can do anything together. :) <3 :) +1
Cool! I see the picture in your profile. Its pretty awesome you set music to something which means alot to you.+2
November 01 2019 09:06:07
frankyguitar Thanx very much LW. It was a spontaneous idea. Then I just had to follow my feelings.:) +1
Beautiful music<3 lovely picture brought to life.<3 Great work Franky<3+2
November 01 2019 09:11:26
frankyguitar Thank you very much Dorothy! <3 For me it's wonderful you like it :) <3 +1
All seems at peace. So good that this is a reflection of your family life.+2
November 01 2019 09:14:10
frankyguitar Thank you Wade, yes, peace is the real thing what is needed in the world. If you start small, maybe it can become big. That would be wonderful. +1
fantastic Franky,beautiful<3<3+2
November 01 2019 09:14:36
frankyguitar Thank you so much Xavi :) <3 :) +1
<3 love this franky:D:D+2
November 01 2019 09:16:01
frankyguitar Thank you very much David :) <3 :) +1

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