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Joao plays a joyous swinging guitar and creates compositions that takes me back to Wonderfull days. I edited Joao's 174052 and 174018 tracks to lengthen the musicians tried to create a support those "Wonderful Days". I added 1:30-4:58. Thanks s Joao for your music!!!
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Swing, Hope, Fun, sax


A fantastic ad Dan! You record the hidden melancholy of Joa and underline it in the first part. From 3.07 you vary in tone and life becomes a bit easier, in the end to be happy. Compliment.<3:)+3
November 05 2019 15:54:47
Itocpogo Thank You so much, Rene!!! I appreciate it my friend!! WOW... your comment is like reading my mind the melancholy that attracts me to Joao's Joyous music and playing!! +1
Fantastic add & remix, Dan!!! I like your sax harmony lines and your lead lines..:W:W:W Thanks so much for joining me with so brilliant performance, my friend!!! :W glad you have extended to make room to your fantastic addition!<3+2
November 05 2019 15:44:59
Itocpogo Thanks so much, Joao!!! Your music inspires me my friend!!!! You fill the airwaves with joy and for us oldsters like me, you bring back a very cool melancholy era!!! +0
Glad you can't stop playing my friend! Nice vintage sounding old school jam ... sounds great Dan and João!! :W:W+1
November 05 2019 15:42:48
Itocpogo Thank You so much, Ernie!!!! i appreciate it my friend!! Joao's music and playing swings with so much Joy!!! +0
November 05 2019 15:45:29
Lenny Cowler
Itocpogo Thank You so much, Lenny!!! I appreciate it very much my friend!!! +1
a really fantastic playing and mix here Dan...;););)+1
November 05 2019 15:47:07
Itocpogo Thank You so much, Nils!!! I appreciate it my friend!!! Joe play with pure joy and takes me back to a simpler time and the Wonderful sounds of swinging music!!! +1
Oh yeah!+1
November 05 2019 15:47:22
Itocpogo Thank You so much my friend!!! +1
Wonderful performance Dan! Soooo stylish<3+1
November 05 2019 15:48:44
Itocpogo Thank You very much, Tu!!! When I listen to Joao, with pleasure I stroll back to the age of joyous swing!!! +1
Super cool add Dan, very nice track you both !! :)+1
November 05 2019 15:50:26
Itocpogo Thanks so very much, Franky!!!! I appreciate it my friend!!! +1
Ah Dan! Fantastic Seems a big band !! 👏👏👏+1
November 05 2019 15:53:00
Itocpogo Thanks so much, Andri!!! I appreciate it very much my friend!!! Ah... Joao's joyous music takes me back to my post LOVE... Big Bands and I was fortunate to play in sone local Big Bands in NJ.... what a Rush...being part of a powerful musical force only interested in keeping that genre alive!!! +0
Yesss, a great support for the special music of João! I really like the way you communicate with the game of João!+1
November 06 2019 16:48:47
Itocpogo Thank You so much, Peter!!!! I appreciate it my friend!!! Yes, the game of Joao is a Winner!!! +1
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