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:Y Great template Joe!!<3:D It has all the flavor of the '90s! :Y:D:Y+1
November 11 2019 19:05:38
LittleWing Thank you, Frank! Very appreciated! +1
Is it just me or do I hear a Foreigner song coming on. Used to cover a few of their songs.Blue morning blue day,Head games,Jukebox Hero. <3+1
November 11 2019 19:06:36
LittleWing Trying to lure Lou Gramm on vocals! I used to play "Waiting For A girl Like You". Had my fill of that one.Used to do the background vocals "AHHAHHHHHHHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAAA" like Tarzan. +2
November 11 2019 19:28:04
Acousticeg A lot of those classic bands had background vocals that were harder to do than the lead vocals. Real vocals for the most part have been replaced by plugins that make anyone sound great. I still do it the hard way. Many many mistakes and countless tracks that suck. lol +3
November 11 2019 19:34:40
LittleWing You have awesome vocals, Rick. +2
November 11 2019 19:53:51
Acousticeg I may give it a shot if some lyrics come to me.;) I was just listening to some Kansas. I put on some what I call wake the shit up music sometimes in the morning with my very dark coffee. lol +2
November 11 2019 19:56:48
LittleWing The new singer Ronnie Platt is a childhood friend of mine. I played in a band with him.I have a tape of him and I doing Journey songs. +1
November 11 2019 20:21:54
Acousticeg Wow that is awesome! I'd love to hear it. I was cleaning out the garage and found a box of tapes from the past. Almost afraid to hear whats on them. lol You should copy your tape to CD. That's something you should hand down to family. +1
November 11 2019 20:23:29
LittleWing Give me a day or so, Im heading to work now. Ill have it up by tomorrow on Soundcloud. +1
November 11 2019 20:27:34
Acousticeg Can't wait...it's very cool of you to share your music with us.:D +0
November 12 2019 11:08:34
LittleWing Excuse the crappy VHS sound. 1989 at an outdoor fest. Im on bass and backing vocals. Ronnie Platt the current singer of Kansas is singing vocals.At this same show is when somebody threw ladies underwear onstage, I slipped, fell, cracked my head and my guitar. We were very good at whipping the crowd into a frenzy as you can hear. https://soundcloud.com/user-936131934/anyway +0
nice feeling to this one LW :)+1
November 12 2019 00:43:29
LittleWing Thank you, Shi! +1
Nice template LW. Needs a strong vocal now. Wish I could sing :)+1
November 12 2019 18:59:18
LittleWing Thanks Frank! Very Appreciated! +1
Awesome stuff Joe, love it has a great vibe and I love the harmony as well+1
November 12 2019 21:13:21
LittleWing Thanks my friend. Just an idea. +0
Great template Joe:W
November 13 2019 11:41:55
LittleWing Thank you for the kind compliment, Keith.Very appreciated! +1
November 13 2019 21:58:58
LittleWing It sure could use some bass...hint...hint...hint...and I do have a a cool Blue Oyster Cult'ish guitar part to go over it...hint...hint...hint... +1
November 14 2019 00:08:38
kmoon235 Hi Joe-Let me work on it a bit buddy:) Thanks for the "hint":D:D
This soundsvery nice, great work :W :D :)+1
November 15 2019 09:20:04
LittleWing Thanks Frank! Its good track for melodic b minor. +1
what a great base!:)+1
November 16 2019 21:11:09
LittleWing Thanks my friend. An idea I'm still working on. +1
Vey cool playing, Joe!!!!+1
March 09 2020 16:52:08
LittleWing Thank you, Dan! +0
this is nice reminds me a little of the Cutting Crew, I Just Died In Your Arms Tonight:D+1
March 09 2020 16:52:30
LittleWing I know the song. Ill have to relisten. Thanks!Truthfully its a rearrangement of a progression I heard on a backing track for guitar on Youtube +1

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