Cold Rain (Featuring Shi) 🌧

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I "borrowed" Shi's haunting vocal from Fabricio's amazing guitar track #175597 and mutated it into a Trip Hop vibe. I would have loved to keep the original guitar, but I wanted to bend the structure and chords to my will, so couldn't. But do please check out #175597 and all the other amazing variants. Hope you enjoy - room for bass, lead etc.
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Trip Hop, Portishead, Massive Attack


WoW!!!!! What a nice idea and what a good idea you had with Shi's wonderful voice. Amazing!👏👏👏+2
November 13 2019 14:02:42
DanDiplo Hard to go wrong when you have quality vocals! +1
November 13 2019 15:02:36
Andri Modesty is a virtue I adore.👏👏👏 +0
Wonderful and excellent creative Dan:W+1
Amazing work ! Portishead style ! Dramatic and great arrangements @! :)+1
November 13 2019 13:12:50
DanDiplo Maybe not as dramatic as your stunning version, but yeah, that was the intent! :) +1
WoW Dan, this is a amazing track. It also remember me at some Marillion tracks too. Very cool :D;)<3+1
Amazing remix Dan:o Shi's beautiful voice and your fantastic add, What can go wrong:W:W:W+1
Exactly as you described, Dan - trip hop vibe. Sounds great.+1
November 13 2019 14:02:25
DanDiplo It's one of my favourite styles, so was pleased to just get a chance to make something! +1
You are a feeling maker Dan!!
Shi is amazing in this track!!
Amazing Track!!! wow:o<3<3
Your creativity continues to amaze and ability to hear "through" and find different ways to express within other's works. Very clever.+1
well I just found this one Dan and what a cool surprise :) you can borrow my vocals whenever you like :)+1
Excellent work, sounds amazing (but how can you go wrong with Shi on vocals). Enjoyed!+0
November 13 2019 13:11:53
DanDiplo Indeed, the music just writes itself when you have quality vocals! +2
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