Spaced and Lost

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+ 16
A fun track from ArcRock and my man eGil. Really like the whole low end vibe in this and played the tenor mostly at the bottom of it's range to accentuate that thumping great bass of Egil's. This is an old one that's been sitting waiting to be edited for quite a while. More to come that really need to get sprung from their editing jail.


Smooth sailing:)

November 20 2019 22:26:04
magirtiko Perfect :D +2
November 22 2019 20:47:46
Wade Doesn't quite look like me, but I can relate to the kicking...usually goes with screaming rather than sax playing. +3
November 22 2019 21:35:16
FrankieJ :D +2
Glad this one broke out of that jail Wade! Sweet playing :D+2
November 22 2019 20:38:05
Wade Just did a count of those other inmates...over 50! Most will never break out. +1
:D sounds great Wade, very cool playing, fits super and great fun to listen :)+2
November 22 2019 20:39:24
Wade Thanks Franky. Has a few "clunky" bit's but it's "fun". +0
A real cool and hypnotic ambience with your great tenor sax!+2
November 22 2019 20:41:45
Wade Credit to Arc and eGil wonderful set up with that big hole for a lead line. Thank Stef. +0
That's some smooth and soothing sax! <3 :Y Looking forward to more of your tracks! :)+2
November 22 2019 20:43:13
Wade All due to you and Arc leaving this ready for me to join in. More tracks? Be careful what you wish for! +1
You generate a great atmosphere and as always fantastic sax sound:)+1
November 22 2019 20:40:30
Wade Very kind of you Pewi. Inspiration was always there in the template...just connecting the dots...Ha! +1
Great Add Wade. :)+1
November 22 2019 20:42:12
Wade So kind of you to give this one a listen and comment. Thanks! +1
Nice complimenting play Wade, hope you get round to a few more amnesties..good to hear my friend+1
November 22 2019 20:44:15
Wade Did a count and gave up after 50. Too many and a lot aren't worth posting. We'll see. Glad you like this one although it has a few "clunky" bits. +1
a fantastic playing Wade...;););)+1
November 22 2019 20:44:40
Wade Thanks so much Nils. Glad you like. +1
Cool sax vibe here...nice basic track as well+1
November 22 2019 20:45:48
CI Section
Wade Thanks so much! I agree the basic track was very enticing and had this big hole for a lead line. +1

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