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As many of you know I am only good at composing music but I got tired of that, bought myself a microphone and started singing just over a fortnight ago. I have never taken the time to write lyrics & have been actively doing so. Well so here it goes hope you enjoy my voice not that its great I am not seeking to be the best only showing that I have the courage to give it a ...
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Pretty cool first attempt Madame :)
just missing some space for soloist :D... and also a kind of "difference" between "verses" and "chorus":) I know you will learn and improve this way (singing) quickly because you love music 🎶
I wil add some tickiticki guitar
November 27 2019 20:41:05

Thank you for taking the time to listen & for the feedback I really appreciate it. Life always has improvement in anything we do so I most definitely will take on all the advice as I go only been singing and writing lyrics just over a fortnight now so its all a new musical journey with singing from now on. Yes I do love music and the link above is a version without violin. I encourage to add your tickiticki guitar as I heard what you did with your remix and it really impressed me. It was too late for me to remove the violin last night so I thought I would get up early today and remove it. Fingers crossed this track attracts more talented musicians to add. <3:)
November 27 2019 21:05:46
Jypeka Hi Mr Tof tout pareil, tu peux mettre une HD siouplé ;) +1
November 27 2019 23:58:31
Tofzegrit Je fais ça jeudi sur celle-là ou l’autre version postée par Heidi Marie... we keep in touch :) +0
yes this is very very good Heidi,like your voice the text i like too,what i dont like so much is the busy drum but those are my thoughts,so keep on singing...;););)+1
November 27 2019 20:41:52
Left081120 Thank you so much for listening and the feedback I really appreciate it. Thank you for the encouraging feedback. <3:) +1
Very nice Heidi .. well done, more singers always welcome here!! This has a disco feel IMO .. :D:D+1
November 27 2019 20:42:28
Left081120 Thank you for listening and the positive feedback you are probably right a disco feel would be more appropriate. :)<3 +0
November 27 2019 20:42:36
Left081120 <3 +0
a cool and groovy track Ms Heidi and how lovely to hear you sing :) very pretty song :)+1
November 27 2019 20:43:27
Left081120 Thank you Shi so glad you enjoyed my track. I have only been singing and writing lyrics for over a fortnight it takes a lot of courage to sing and this is certainly a huge milestone for me since purchasing a microphone on 4.11.2019. <3:) +0
Exact same thing as Tof ... and if we can have a Hd without the violins ... to try :)+1
November 27 2019 20:37:53
Left081120 +1
November 27 2019 20:44:16
Left081120 For you my friend I have attempted to provide you with what I have as requested. Look forward to your additions. <3:) +1
November 27 2019 20:58:56
Jypeka thank you i'm going to ask Hd to Tof too ... we'll help you sing :) +1
November 27 2019 21:01:04
Left081120 haha that would be wonderful. I need lots of help and I have many years to do it right whilst I have fun at the same time. Thank you for your support my Friend. Sending love your way. <3 +0
fantastic Heidi :D:D+1
November 27 2019 20:44:39
Left081120 Thank you for the encouraging feedback and support I really appreciate it. <3:) +0
That's new from you Heidi, sure. I like to hear your voice and singing.
Nice easy listening feel :) ;) :)

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