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Hi Friends, I'm sorry for my absence here. I have developed a problem with my left index finger (on my guitar playing hand) that is going to require surgery next month. My guitar playing has been limited and it will be even more so after I have surgery for sometime. I have been able to play the keys and violin, which need practice. See vocal info in the Lyrics Tab. Maybe some bass, soft guitar, and drums ...
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Wonderful my dear Ron :D:D+2
November 28 2019 02:42:16
mortheol Thanks you so much Xavi..:D
You are a good friend<3
That's so lovely Ron <3 Very nice kyes and violin!!
Very well done my friend :) <3 :)
So good you did some new music :<3
November 28 2019 15:35:52
mortheol Thanks Frank, I love working with these a cappella tracks from Looperman. I especially like the lyrics on this one...very positive<3
Simple piano chords I just looped over.
Welcome again! Splendid composition <3+2
November 28 2019 15:32:47
mortheol I appreciate the nice compliment Andri:) +0
Beautiful <3+2
November 28 2019 15:32:24
mortheol Thank you very much Tu:) +1
Hi Ron! Welcome back! This is really a fantastic song!! :)+2
November 29 2019 00:45:53
mortheol Hi Stef, Thank you very much;) +1
Hi Ron-so good to hear you again my multi-talented friend. Super work on this.<3
So sorry to hear about the problem with your hand-hopefully will get fixed up just fine buddy.<3
November 29 2019 00:47:49
mortheol Hi Keith, thanks for the kinds words:)
The vocals are not me but an a cappella from Looperman. I have done a few of these here. It is a cool challenge to fit the music to the bare vocals.
I am hoping my surgery goes well and the finger heals well and I can play just as bad as I used to..LOL
a wonderful song Ron...;););)+2
November 29 2019 00:48:20
mortheol Thank you very much Nils:) +1
this is very lovely :) a beautiful instrumental work Mortheol and what lovely lyrics and vocals from BradoSanz too:) well done. I hope your hand heals quickly for you+2
November 29 2019 00:49:55
mortheol Thank you very much Shi:)
The vocals are an a cappella track from Looperman. I wish I could sing half as good!!
Surgery next month, fingers crossed it goes good.
Super cool my friend:D:D look after yourself Ron, you are missed here on the loops:D<3:D+1
November 28 2019 15:41:27
mortheol Hi Dave, perhaps some soft guitar;)
Thank you very much for the compliment and thoughts<3
<Absolutely 3Beautiful Ron...Stay positive my friend we are all together and here for you:W:D<3+1
November 29 2019 00:51:15
mortheol Hey Peter, thank you very much my friend:D
Positive is all I can be, it should go ok.
I love your drum on:W
November 29 2019 01:06:53
PJE :W +1

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