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I'm so raw right now. Sad song. Sad but hopeful but saaaaad af. It starts out with that good ole post denial shock, totally overwhelming. Then the chorus, that's shame. Second verse is remorse and admitting hard truths. More shock and shame. The bridge frustrated me, I didn't like it at all but I'm too exhausted to fight it. It's kind of disjointed which is how i feel right now. More icky stuff to come to terms with. Then finally, ...
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sad, regret, hope, love


I'm a pisces can you tell??????????+3
December 01 2019 14:52:42
Tofzegrit I’m as well and for me you’re a Princess +1
December 02 2019 04:37:10
moonchild Princess Pisces! Hello, fellow fishy! +1
it takes a certain strength to be so vulnerable Ms Moonchild and putting it to words in a melody is the quickest way to heal <3+1
December 02 2019 04:38:09
moonchild Yes, it's taking all the strength I have. Thanks for your words, Shi <3 +1
Wow. You've put beauty into sadness. And sadness into beauty. Love the second "how hard" in the chorus - so vulnerable... thanks for sharing these feelings, soul sister. <3+1
December 02 2019 04:40:37
moonchild <3 Thank you, Wolfgang <3 +1
Why sadness sounds always good in music? <3+1
December 02 2019 04:41:07
moonchild Ugh, I don't know <3 +0
Beautiful.Inside and out.+1
December 02 2019 04:44:55
moonchild Thank you, Joe <3 +1
Devin, I can sense and almost know what you are going through, life sometimes has a trail full of thorns, but at the end, you always can see the beautiful flower blooming, there is always light, and time is so wise....thanks for sharing your feelings, music is one of the best ways to let it out and this is the right place full of wonderful people+1
December 03 2019 07:48:03
moonchild "a trail full of thorns, but at the end, you always can see the beautiful flower blooming"
Thanks for the beautiful metaphor, Jussef <3 I'm glad to be able to share my feelings and music with this awesome community.
December 02 2019 04:37:20
moonchild Thank you, Frankie <3 +1
👏👏👏 nice+0
December 02 2019 04:37:52
moonchild Thank you, Andri <3 +0
raw means true most times and there's nothing more delicate and touching than truth in music ! it must have taken some courage and determination to post this song i guess ... *HUG*+0
December 02 2019 04:40:11
moonchild Yeah, it's taking massive courage just to walk over to the piano right now. *HUG* Thank you! <3 +1

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