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A lovely track from Frankie that called to me. Thanks for a sweet track Frankie and thank you for listening. The HD is the vocals :)
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hmmm. somehow i wish the lyrics had more of some sort of end ofthe story to them, the character you are introducing there is interesting,how does it end?
You obvously got me there :)
Like the second voice passages a lot, too.
December 04 2019 20:13:02
Shi so kind of you to have a listen Dick. Thank you very much :) +0
Here is it Mademoiselle <3
December 05 2019 20:00:36
Shi thank you and merci Tof :) +0
What a wonderful surprise. Very happy this one call to you. Sitting here thinking how cool it would be to perform it live with you on some stage, someplace.
Love the harmonies. Make me think of those Wilson sisters.
Thank you Ms. Shi for this lovely gem<3
December 05 2019 19:58:08
Shi what a kind compliment frankie, thank you so much :) and i am happy that you like :) +1
Wonderful <3+1
December 04 2019 20:04:01
Shi thanks very much for having a listen Wolfgang :) +1
So beautiful Shi and marvelous lyrics to make us appreciate<3:)+1
December 04 2019 20:11:57
Shi many thanks for stopping by for a listen Peter :) +1
So nice Shi!!! Amazing vocal guitar&vocal track!!:)+1
December 04 2019 20:14:56
Shi many thanks Glez :) +1
A Wonderful composition by you, Shi!! And you sing with so much tenderness and beauty!!!+1
December 04 2019 20:15:10
Shi thanks a lot itocpogo :) +0
I like a lot the lyrics. Well done: good story, so romantic :)<3:)+1
December 04 2019 20:29:37
Shi thank you very much Stef Grazie :) +0
A song just made for the dark and cold and damp December nights we're experiencing here ... makes them a little warmer and brighter I think. Nice vocals Ms Shi, great guitar playing Frankie, as always.+1
December 04 2019 20:46:34
Shi thank you very much bluesdog :) +0
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