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Hi friends! Here’s an acapella track I’ve been wanting to share with you for a while. I registered it with a metronome, and a piano note in the back (G) — still not perfectly in tune but anyway :D I hope it will inspire some, I’m so eager to see the various ideas of arrangements you’ll have! I can send you the second voices apart if you want to clean it and/or do a different mix, just send me a ...


Beautiful distinct voice! Nice job!:D+3
Fantastic Yuuli....no doubt there’ll be a lot of variations on this very cool vocal template.+3
Ben c'est vachement chouette comme ça tout nu ! Je suis sûre que tu auras des expérimentations surprenantes :)+3
You have a truly amazing voice Yuuli-I really like this<3
What a joy in your music. Spectacular Yuuli!
wow thats a awesome vocal YuuLi...;););)+2
Wow :) What a treat! :)+2
Cool vocals ! I can hear many modulation ... even if an acap is not the classic way to start a loop i'm sure you'll get inspired adds :D+2
December 09 2019 10:07:12
YuuLi Ah, zut, est-ce que ça veut dire que tu ne te sentirais pas de t'y frotter ? J'avais de grands espoirs en toi pourtant ;) +1
December 09 2019 13:01:03
OliVBee Ce n'est pas tutafay ce que je pensais ;) m'y frotter je sentirais bien mais il faut y consacrer le temps nécessaire ! patience ... +2
December 09 2019 15:37:59
YuuLi <3 +1

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