The Truth Is Not Beautiful,But True

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Much space for your ideas in that sections without my lead :D :W For more ideas or other directions, the HD is without any lead stuff.


I salute you for always having your own style and not being constrained by genre. A great, twisting musical journey full of interest.+2
December 13 2019 17:34:42
frankyguitar Thank you so much Dan, I really admire your great comment. I think the only constant in my ideas and musical stuff is to be not conform with anything. don't care about genre boundaries and drawers. If it fits thematically, I also mix punk and jazz :D :W :D +2
December 13 2019 18:24:09
mortheol "THEMATICALLY"...:|:o
I am an native English speaker and have never heard or used that word in my life. I had to look it upB)
Germans are so smart:W
December 13 2019 18:29:27
frankyguitar Lol, you teasing me Ron :D Maybe I'm too much a German with my English :D +1
December 13 2019 18:29:39
mortheol I thought maybe you invented those crazy German word's or some type of Dinglish..LOL.
But I found it in the English dictionary.
Yes...I always tease you:P
December 13 2019 18:35:48
frankyguitar :D German language is so cool, you can invent new words every day, that's real fun :D +1
December 13 2019 18:49:00
mortheol Ahhhh ja liebe Deutsch so sehr...ich mach ein neues Wort nur für dich:D

December 14 2019 01:39:22
frankyguitar LoL :D +0
:W:W fantastic mood swings, great play and ideas always so creative,amigo Franky :D+1
December 13 2019 17:23:00
frankyguitar Thank you so much Xavi:W you alway so kind and and a great supporter mi amigo !! :) :D : W +1
Jo sehr kreativ mein Gutester! Klasse gemacht! ;)+1
December 13 2019 17:24:12
frankyguitar Dankeschön Andreas, freut mich riesig :) ;) +1
Very creative and very cool Franky, Great work my friend.:W<3:W
December 13 2019 17:25:09
frankyguitar Thank you very much Keith!! :) :W :D +1
Creative and cool franky:D:D love the guitar:D:D+1
December 13 2019 17:26:40
frankyguitar Thanx very much David, I had much fun :D :W +1
Quite long, but very interesting with those distinctive "movements".+1
December 13 2019 17:28:43
frankyguitar Thank you very much Wade, maybe sometimes the truth is nice, but mostly not, that's the idea behind:) +1
killer brother :W+1
December 13 2019 17:35:40
frankyguitar Thanx very much buddy :W
Much space for angry lyrics :D
Coolio amigo:W
A long strange trip with a smorgasbord of sounds:D
Your drumming is reallly improving 🥁👍
December 13 2019 18:32:31
frankyguitar :W thank you very much Ron :W
I tried to put my thoughts about the truth in this. Sometimes it's nice, but mostly it's more strange as we can think and ugly.
December 13 2019 18:39:05
mortheol I am reminded of the following my friend.
"To say of what is that it is, or of what is not that is not, is true"....Aristotle
December 13 2019 19:08:37
frankyguitar Quote from Voltaire: Everything you say should be true. But not everything that is true, you should also say.
I think this world needs more truth. We have too much liars.
And to deliberately conceal the truth is ultimately also a lie. Fran Ky
December 13 2019 20:27:40
mortheol are very wise Franky-San👍 +0
December 14 2019 01:35:06
Nice colors franky:) 5:02 :W+1
December 14 2019 01:36:33
frankyguitar Thank you very much Frankie :) :W +0
Wirklich eine abwechslungsreiche Reise! Der Übergang 0.57 seeehr cool!!:)+1
December 14 2019 15:13:45
frankyguitar Vielen Dank Peter, freut mich sehr :)
Die Arbeit mit den drums (elektronisch) macht viel Spaß :)
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