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A wonderful template from Arc Rock and given a darker and more urgent bass voice by Mario. Slightly modified sax added and trying to deepen/extend the mood they have created.


Very dark luv it. ❤️ Sums up my mood after the UK election (sorry no politics)+3
December 13 2019 18:48:44
Wade Sorry about the mood enhancer. One must scratch their heads and wonder who elects these bozos. +0
This song reminds me of chocolate....a dark bitter but smooth and rich chocolate. <3<3<3 This is a pleasurable assualt on the senses <3+3
December 13 2019 15:56:52
December 13 2019 16:43:44
DirkL LoL. Comment of the day award goes to.........Tu!B)🤗 +2
December 13 2019 18:53:17
Wade Great description! Maybe it should have been called music for masochists? Cheers Tu. +1
Floats nicely on top of the dark foundation laid down by Ark & Glez :) <3+2
December 13 2019 18:43:07
Wade I was thinking of you poor buggers in the northern hemisphere getting closer to the longest night. Cold and wet, waiting for the light to return to your lives. +1
Yes, wonderful tack!!+2
December 13 2019 18:43:44
Wade Made better by your crafty drumming. Thank you. +1
December 13 2019 23:56:47
Demian Thanks Wade! +1
Excellent job on the sax!!! better the jam notably :):D+2
December 13 2019 18:54:17
Wade Thanks Mario. Once again following you and trying to enhance. +1
Great playing Wade, sensual and sassy.:D+2
December 13 2019 18:56:00
Wade All due to your fine template. There were so many possibilities within what you did. Mario took it to a rather dark place so I just followed there. All credit to you. +0
Awesome job, Wade. I like the way you blended in with Ark and Mario, but also added some extra tension to the track. This would be a wonderful soundtrack in a movie... kudos <3:)<3+2
December 13 2019 18:58:18
Wade Thanks Don. Very kind of you. The aim was to extend that mood/emotion and "milk it". Very glad if it worked. +1
a fantastic sax add Wade...;););)+2
December 16 2019 18:55:29
Wade Very kind of you Nils. If we don't connect sooner, wishing you all the best for the holidays. +1
December 16 2019 19:59:37
slin to you too Wade... +1
I definitely agree with Don_T :o

Super movie track!
December 13 2019 19:03:16
Wade Cheers magirtiko! Glad if this has some impact. +1
Wow, great music , sounds gorgeous Wade. I love sax. You and Mark should add on to every upload lol.+1
December 13 2019 19:24:19
Wade Mandatory sax? I'd rather not. Seems like the sax is best as a wordless singer who (if lucky) can evoke emotions. More often it just adds technical glitz. So much music is better without either, especially when it fails to do either very well.

I'm honored if this one works for you. Cheers Dirk.
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