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Really like the minimalistic feel you've brought. Your timing is very precise and your tone is warm. I have yet to finish this song. I think it's long overdue. Thanks bro+1
April 28 2014 03:25:08
GaryA thanx. I usually start minimal and add in to areas later on while while jamming if I think it needs it. I also try to not get real busy if other instruments are busy. If you ever want something different/more in a song, just tell me and I can redo the mix with some new parts. :-) I wish there were not mixes/remixes on here and rather there were only separate tracks so we could make changes to the whole song if needed. At least it's fun and a creative outlet with new people around the world. +2
April 28 2014 03:32:31
GaryA my warm tone is from my Thomastik jazz flat wounds. They have the lowest tension and I can bend over a step and a half. :-) I need another bass so I can get the rock round wound sound going. I used Rotosound round wound strings on my Fender Precision basses when I was younger. +1
April 28 2014 03:36:21
PeterVeillon We can send seperate tracks if we choose. Check out OliVbees jams. He takes individual tracks and puts it all together in the end. I can't achieve that yet but the results are great. +1
May 29 2014 06:46:29
GaryA Peter, if you are using a computer with DAW software, then keep the mix you download on a stereo track, your new tracks you add on separate tracks, then mute the remix track you played off of and only send an mpr mix of just your track. now do another remix with the original track backon (unmute it) and then send a second mp3 file on upload. That way anyone can choose to download just your tracks or a whole remix. Unless I am not knowing of some other way, maybe someone can correct me. I think the best way is for everyone to just upload their new track without it being remixed. Everyone could then do their own mixes for their keeping. Maybe have the ability to visit a persons page and listen to their mixes they created. But hey, I am sort of still new here, so what do I know. :-) +0
May 29 2014 06:51:52
GaryA I forgot to add, and maybe others might like to know, I use Reaper software. It works on Mac's and PC's and it's real cheap. Like #30 or less. :-) I feel it's the best, and I have had them all, including Pro Tools, and I still say Reaper is the best. They all sound the same and pretty much do the same things, tho. Reaper has a clean/full user configurable interface and I find it easiest to see things. +0
May 29 2014 16:36:18
PeterVeillon Thanks for the tutorial and recommendation.For me I use an old Zoom Multitrack without a USB or Sim Card capability. I'm planning on upgrading soon but I don't care for DAW because I'm oldschool and need knobs and levers. I don't want more of a learning curve to take away from my impulsive creativity like the rest of my gear :) +0
May 29 2014 19:18:07
GaryA I completely understand. You are an excellent guitar player. +0
This song is fantastic ! Great job by all ! :)+1
Great jam!+1
cool sound+0
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